3 theories on why PM Modi chose 5 April, 9 PM to light diyas, candles


“Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to light diyas, torches and candles is related to Chapter 6 of the Yoga Vasishta,” said Dr KK Agarwal, Padma Shree Awardee and former chairman of the Indian Medical Association.

Chapter 6 of the book talks about the principle of collective consciousness. “95% of people follow what 5% people think and do,” said Dr Agarwal. He added that only 1-5% of people form the collective mass.

Dr Agarwal continues to explain the relationship between the principle of collective consciousness and our body. He said, “The principle that has been underlined in the book has the power to heal the ACE 2 receptors in the body.” The ACE 2 receptors is an enzyme attached to the surface of the cell in the lungs, heart, arteries, kidney and intestines. This receptor is a functional receptor for the coronavirus that causes the severe acute respiratory syndrome. “The science of our collective consciousness being able to control and heal the ACE 2 receptors is based on concepts of quantum physics,” said Dr KK Agarwal.

“If all of us collectively make a decision to not let coronavirus stay on the ACE 2 receptors of the body, then the collective consciousness will make sure that it happens,” he said.

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