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Best Way To Make Turmeric Latte And Maximise Benefits: Important FAQs Answered By An Expert

A cup of turmeric latte at night before bed time will provide you with a variety of health benefits


  • Add aliv seeds to turmeric latte to reduce cystic acne
  • Add black pepper and nutmeg in turmeric milk to reduce cough and cold
  • Turmeric milk is best when consumed before bedtime

Drinking turmeric milk or turmeric latte (as it is popularly called) before bed time is something that people in India have been doing for generations. The most common reason for doing this is because it induces sleep. And not just sleep, but including turmeric milk in your daily diet can be beneficial for your bones. It can reduce joint pain, accelerating recovery, boosting immunity and improve hormonal balance. Everyone has a different preparation of turmeric latte. Some prepare with full fat milk and sugar, while others prefer low fat milk and no sugar. Is there a right way to prepare turmeric milk to reap maximum benefits from it? Keep reading to find out.

Turmeric Milk: Important FAQs answered by Rujuta Diwekar

1. What milk should be used for preparing turmeric milk?

According to celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, the milk that you should use for preparing haldi milk is full fat milk sourced from a local, nearby dairy. This is the one with no labels, packaging or brands. In case you live in areas where its difficult to get access to this milk, then you can try to get milk from free grazing cows. “The best kind of milk is the one that goes bad (in a couple of hours when not refrigerated). As far as oat, almond, soy, etc, milks go, they aren’t really environmentally sustainable. But can you add haldi to it? Yes, you totally can,” she writes in one of her recent posts on Instagram.


It is best to prepare turmeric latte with full fat milk sourced from a local dairy
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2. What kind of haldi should you use?

Regular haldi powder which is in your kitchen can be used for preparation of turmeric milk. Buy your haldi powder from stores that sell locally or naturally grown haldi, recommends the health expert.

3. Can turmeric milk help with cough and cold?

A pinch of black pepper and nutmeg in turmeric milk can help in reducing cough and cold. Have it warm at night every night till you get relief.

4. Will turmeric milk have the same effects in morning?

Diwekar asserts that one of the main purposes of turmeric milk is to accelerate recovery, which happens when its bedtime. When consumed at night, turmeric milk optimises hormonal balance. This nor only helps you get good quality sleep, but also helps you wake up fresher and more energetic.


The best time to have turmeric milk is at night before bedtime
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5. Does turmeric milk create heat in the body?

A cup of turmeric milk is more than enough to get good sleep, boost immunity, etc. If you have turmeric milk in random amounts, then it can definitely create heat in the body, and also cause acidity and bloating. Having said that, adding haldi to tadkas in dals and sabzis does not create heat in the body. It is indeed a safe herb for people of all ages and conditions.

6. Is turmeric milk safe for acne?

Turmeric latte is especially helpful for reducing cystic acne which is occurs to people with PCOD. A pinch of aliv (garden cress) seeds in your cup of turmeric latte is what you need to get rid of acne caused by PCOD.

7. Is it safe to add sugar to turmeric milk?

Diwekar recommends adding a pinch of sugar or jaggery to turmeric milk.

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(Rujuta Diwekar is a nutritionist based in Mumbai)

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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