Village festival in CHAI

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A three days village festival on 19, 20 and 21 June 2010, was celebrated in village Chai, P.O. Kunjoli, Patti-Kaudiya, via. Lansdowne, District Pauri Garhwal. The occassion was the inaurgration of renovated Durga temple. On the first day a health camp was organized by the village committee for the area […]

Drugs in Plastic Bottles-The safety issue

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Economic Times Bureau | 10 Jul, 2013 NEW DELHI: The government is constituting an expert panel to examine if plastic and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles used for packaging pharma products are safe. The Drug Technical Advisory Board, the apex body on drug safety, has recommended in a recent meeting that […]

Himalayan Landslides and Sustainable Development -an Uttarakhand Prespective -Dr.Suneet Naithani

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Himalaya Landslides and Sustainable Development हिमालय और भूस्खलन एवं संन्तुलित विकास “ उत्तराखण्ड एक नजर”                                                                                                               डा0 सुनीत नैथानी भुर्गभ विज्ञानियों के अनुसार हिमालय अभी भी अपनी शिशु अवस्था में है। यह संसार की नवीनतम पर्वत श्रंखलाओं में से एक है। वैज्ञानिकों के अनुसार वलित पर्वतों का निर्माण मध्य […]

Prof. Robert Chambers

Prof Robert Chambers from Institute of Development studies, was in a National Workshop on Sanitation, in Nainital-Uttarakhand from 16 to 18 April.2013. It was a pleasure to intereact with him for the first time, especially after having reads his books, particulary, “Rural Development: Putting the last First” and his works […]

Dharna against Liquor Shop

People on Dharna with their banner against the Liquor Shop on the main road-Araghar chowk in Dehradun. The new liquor licenses will be effective from next month. One can also see….. the liquor shop with a banner…. showing heavy discount!! Will shifting the shop elsewhere/anywhere …solve the problem……     […]

Broken Bridge

The Bridge which gave way at the fag end… The broken Chauras Bridge near Srinagar-Garhwal. Who to blame..The Engineers or the Contractors. The old Suspension Jhula bridge is still serving its purpose……