Delhi riots: People were asked to bring stones, told how to attack – Inside details of probe

Delhi riots communal clashes violence hindu muslims

A security personnel patrols in Maujpur area of riot-affected North-East Delhi.&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspPTI

New Delhi: The horrors of the carnage that unfolded in the national capital of India over three days starting February 23 scarred the soul and charred the communal harmony of the nation. People running amok on the streets of Delhi armed with rods, sticks, stones and firearms, and setting houses, shops, public property on fire, is a stark reminder of how unruly and inhumane we as a society have become.

Lives were lost, some are still fiercely fighting death. Whether they were/are innocent or not, it’s probably too early to say; maybe some questions won’t get the desired answers. But, it’s important to know that while India was displaying its bonhomie with the United States of America, a part of its identity was up in flames.

After over two dozen people were confirmed dead and over 200 people got critically injured, investigations into the dastardly violence in North-East Delhi have led to some alarming revelations. The Delhi Police on Wednesday registered 18 FIRs and arrested 106 people in connection with the violence.

Several phones were seized in wake of the communal clashes and several WhatsApp groups are under the lens. The phoned under the scanner have revealed how mobilisation was being done.

According to Times Now, the build up to the violence started on Monday itself. Several WhatsApp groups were looked into and it came to light that each group had around 200 members.

Investigations have revealed that there were several insinuating messages in the groups and some were asked to bring stones and told how to attack.

IB officer

On Wednesday, an Intelligence Bureau staffer was brutally killed by a mob in Chand Bagh area of Mustafabad on his way back home from work and his family accused local Aam Aadmi Party councillor Haji Tahir Hussain for the murder.

Ankit Sharma (26) was attacked by a mob in the most inhuman manner one could think of — shot at, head smashed with a stone and dumped in the drainage nearby. 

According to reports, some locals identified him and targeted him intentionally. He was a young joinee in the Intelligence Bureau and was undergoing training.

Cops under attack

The police came under very heavy firing on Tuesday, with around 500 rounds being fired on Tuesday itself. Such was the extent of the violence, two police stations ran out of their entire stock of cartridges on the same day.

There were also claims that outsiders came from bordering Uttar Pradesh to incite violence in the area the Delhi Police is also probing the involvement of local gangsters in North-East Delhi, an area that is generally known to be notorious.

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