Desperate Calls For Evacuation As 300 Students Stuck In Virus-Hit Iran

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Desperate Calls For Evacuation As 300 Students Stuck In Virus-Hit Iran

Coronavirus: Indian students in Iran want to return home.


Kashmiri students stranded at the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in coronavirus-hit Iran have sent out a desperate appeal for evacuation through NDTV.

There are around 70 Indian students stranded on campus after the university closed down because of the coronvavirus crisis in the country that has killed 43 and infected 593. Reports, however, say far more people may have died in the country which may be under-reporting the cases.

Another 230 Kashmiri students are stranded in the capital Teheran’s University of Medical Sciences and other colleges.

“I was leaving on 25th but all flights were cancelled. I am stuck here, the airport is sealed. We don’t know what to do. We are scared. Please do something for us. We just want a flight which takes us out of Iran,” said Ume Parvez, a student at Tehran University of Medical Science.

The anxiety of their families back home is increasing with each passing day as coronavirus spreads in Iran and more deaths are being reported.

The closure of Tehran airport for commercial flights has alarmed many.

Their only hope now is for the central government to make special arrangements for the safe return of their children.

“I’m working in a bank, I’m not going to attend my duty for last five days. I’m worried about my daughter. The government should immediately intervene get them back like they did in China,” said a parent.

Another parent Shagufta says her two daughters, both medical students, are stuck inside a room in Tehran university.

“I spoke to my daughters. They are very scared, terrified. Please help us to bring them back,” she said.

Besides students, hundreds of people from Kashmir and Ladakh who have gone for pilgrimage to Iran are also stranded and struggling to return.

In an official response, the Indian envoy to Iran Gaddam Dharmendra on Saturday said the authorities are working to facilitate the return of Indians who wish to go back home.

He said discussions are underway with the authorities concerned to work out arrangements for the same.

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