Gujarat is alert, proactive: CM

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CM Vijay Rupani says Ahmedabad has achieved 2,701 tests per million population, highest in the country. Gujarat has reported average test per million rate of 721 while India’s average TPM rate was 392.5

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani lauded the collective efforts put in by various departments in containing the spread of coronavirus in the state. In terms of tests per million population, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has achieved 2,701 tests per million, which is the highest in the country, compared to 1,491.97 in the Union Territory of Delhi, 930.7 in Tamil Nadu, and 836.34 in Rajasthan. Surat too has achieved 1,750 tests per million, he said.

While India’s average test per million rate is 392.5, Gujarat has reported the average test per million rate of 721. During a media interaction, the CM expressed optimism about winning the battle against the virus as the departments further intensify their efforts.

Gujarat is among the states with the largest number of laboratories for testing coronavirus cases. “The state has proactively made arrangements to fight Covid-19. In the initial stage, we had 9,500 beds but now we are working to increase that capacity to 25,000. We do not have any problems as far as ventilators, N-95 masks and medicines are concerned as all these things items are manufactured in Gujarat,” Rupani said.

While the number of coronavirus positive patients in Gujarat doubled from 617 after April 14 to 1,272 on April 17, this rate slowed down in the subsequent six days up to April 23 during which 1,352 more cases were detected, the government said. Rupani said that 80 per cent of the patients are asymptomatic, while the death rate due to the infection is three per cent.



“People have been asking why so many people have died in Gujarat. That is because the deceased had comorbid conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and one was even suffering from cancer. Besides, many even approach the doctors quite late. We want people to report themselves to the 104 helpline if they display any symptom. The rest will be taken care of by the government,” he said.

The fight is most importantly for the patients are suffering from serious ailments like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, TB, asthma, HIV, heart and lung diseases, mental diseases, among others. In Gujarat, 30 of the 33 districts have reported coronavirus positive cases.

As on April 25, 2,394 patients are stable, 265 have been discharged and 29 are on ventilator. A detailed presentation shared by the government, shows Gujarat with a population of 6.25 crore registered 2,624 cases till the 35th day since coronavirus was reported here, as against countries like Italy and France, with 6.5 crore population each, which registered 80536 cases and 56,972 cases by their 35th day, said Ashwini Kumar, the secretary to the Chief Minister, who made a detailed presentation for mediapersons.

In terms of testing, the state government conducted 3028 tests in the last 24 hours ending on Saturday. A total of 3,280 rapid anti-body tests were conducted in various districts. Social distancing measures such as lockdown, containment and curfew have delayed or controlled the possible exponential curve, said Principal Health Secretary
Jayanti Ravi.

DyCM Nitin Patel said, “The state government is going all out to do everything possible to contain the virus. We have taken cognisance of what to anticipate and are planning in a futuristic manner to tackle the pandemic.”



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