Happy Holi 2020: Bollywood Characters You can Come Across on This Colourful day

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It’s Holi 2020 and the connection between this festival and Bollywood is hard to ignore. As one sets out to play and participate in this fun festival amidst friends and family, one is bound to come across a certain type of people, which will be no lesser than Bollywood characters themselves.

So as you gear up for one of the most vibrant festivals of our country, we bring you a list of Bollywood characters, you’re bound to come across on this colourful day. (You may consider some to be a subtle warning, others just an insight into what’s coming your way)

Rang-me-not peeps

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“Please don’t colour us on this colourful day”. While these people maybe the ones who party all year round, they suddenly become the touch-me-not type on this one day when it’s only about colors. From ‘Doctor ne mana kiya hai’ to ‘I’ve a skin allergy’; their bucket list of excuses is longer than the number of Holi scenes to have ever appeared in our mainstream Bollywood.

Over-enthusiastic go-getters

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These are the ones who usually start preparing for the big day almost a week before (or maybe more). From arranging the perfect gulaal to getting their hands on the dirtiest permanent colors; their life’s sorted when Holi is around the corner. From early morning to late evening; you just can’t miss their never-die spirit.


With love, from terrace

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Now this category of people is a special one; be it for their poky-ness to actually go up to the terrace and throw water balloons at the people who’re apparently having a gala time or just their guts to wish random strangers a Happy Holi at the top of their voices.


pjimage - 2019-03-20T184255.557

Okay, so what’s the thing with either playing a dry Holi or making sure to wet every other person you get your hands on with colored water from a huge tub? Whatever it is, no Holi can pass without coming across an extremist of either league.

No matter who you’re celebrating this joyous festival with, we wish you a super-colorful, a very happy and definitely a memorable Holi!

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