Karnataka to finalise lockdown exit strategy by April 13

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Bengaluru: The
Karnataka government is currently engaged in discussions with experts, specialists and other stakeholders to decide on its
lockdown exit strategy and would take a final view by April 13, a key Minister said on Thursday.

“Day after tomorrow we have a VC (videoconference) with the Prime Minister,” Medical Education Minister Sudhakar K, who is in-charge of all matters related to COVID-19, noted when asked about the States strategy.

He said a task force of specialist doctors on Wednesday submitted its report to the government, giving its recommendations.

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“We are meeting lot of stakeholders of the society taking their views,” the Minister said, adding, the Cabinet would also hold discussions.

“Finally, day after tomorrow, after discussing with the Prime Minister during the VC, the government will take a view on this by April 13 or so. As of now, we have not taken any view on it. We are studying all the reports,” Sudhakar told PTI.

The Minister observed that the COVID-19 cases were slowly spiking in India but not multiplying the way they have in some other countries like Italy, Spain and the United States as the government had declared 21-day national lockdown early and taken other strict measures. “Let’s see for one week and see.”

“We need to fight this out collectively and by strictly following the quarantine methods and social distancing,” Sudhakar stressed.

The Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa had on Wednesday said his government was in favour of lifting lock-down in districts which remained free from COVID-19 after April 14 subject to approval from the Centre.

“If the Prime Minister suggests to States to take decision (on lock-down) based on the situation in their respective States, my position is to take a call (on roll- back) in districts free from COVID-19,” he had said.

“This is to allow people to go about their business and move about within the district and not from one district to another, after April 14, after taking the approval of the Prime Minister.”

According to State officials, as many as 12 districts continue to remain free from COVID-19.

The task force has recommended continuation of lockdown at “hot spots” beyond April 14.

It has suggested that schools and colleges be shut till May 31, while non-air-conditioned shops can be opened.

Also, IT/BT companies, government offices providing essential services and factories can function with 50 per cent staff, the task force said in its recommendations for 15-day period after April 14.

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Lift lockdown in phases: Panel

The committee also suggested closing educational institutions, air-conditioned buses, Metro and avoid inter-state bus, railway and air services till May 31.

Citizens take responsibility to feed animals amid coronavirus lockdown

Taking care of our furry friends

With the growing positive cases in India, the government had announced a nationwide lockdown on March 24 to battle the deadly coronavirus. While people are restricted to homes, animals and strays are left without food and water. A few good samaritans took up the responsibility to feed these hungry animals. We have samples some of those heart-warming gestures from Indians across different cities here.

Not ‘monkeying’ around

A local resident stepped out of his home to feed hungry monkeys in Ramnagar. These poor fellows were normally fed by the tourists in the district. However, with the lockdown in force, the monkeys were left stranded. It was only one big-hearted local decided to feed them with biscuits and buns, the monkeys could satisfy their hunger.

Cop on duty!

While the cops are busy keeping humans safe, this policeman was seen feeding the monkeys during the 21-day nationwide lockdown in Mathura. Photo ANI

Saviour of the dogs!

A criminology lecturer from the University of Mysore has turned saviour of street dogs in the city. Every day she provides food for these animals by spending money from her pocket after the coronavirus lockdown came into force. Photo: BCCL

​He has got their back!

A man feeds the monkeys near Tulsi Smarak Bhavan during the nationwide lockdown in Ayodhya. Photo: ANI

Food for thought!

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, strays are facing major trouble finding food. Animal lovers at the Boat Jetty in Ernakulam took up the responsibility to feed the hungry strays amid lockdown. Photo by RK Sreejith/BCCL

Feeding man’s best friend!

Animal lovers across Bengaluru took the responsibility to feed stray dogs who have lost access to food due to the nationwide lockdown. Photo by Kaushik JN/MMCL

Fly high!

A woman was seen feeding grains to pigeons as the coronavirus outbreak hit the nation. Photo by Kaushik JN/MMCL

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