Man Forced By Delhi Police to Sing National Anthem on Video Dies

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Tariq Ali, son of Kauser Ali who was seen in the video, told The Indian Express that he saw the video on Facebook and identified his father in it. Kauser Ali was coming back to Kardam Puri, where they reside, from India Gate on that day.

Earlier, Alt News had independently verified the video and had spoken to one of the victims seen in the video, who, on the condition of anonymity, had said, “Police had brutally thrashed the 5-6 (men). [They] broke someone’s hand, someone’s leg. My hand and leg are also broken. There are 8-10 stitches on my head. I am unable to speak. Policemen were saying do you want azaadi?”

Faizan’s brother Nayeem also alleged that the police had an idea that he was about to die.

“What we got from them was a battered body, bleeding through its skull, with the jaw broken. This was not Faizan. I saw my brother murmur in pain the whole night. He kept repeating “Police beat me up. They beat me up,” said Bablu, Faizan’s brother-in-law.

(With inputs from The Indian Express, News18)

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