Need 1,671 hospital beds to manage COVID cases, have 1.05 lakh: Centre

Aditi Tandon

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, April 12

The Centre on Sunday asked people not to panic in respect of country’s preparedness to handle the COVID case surge saying the system has more hospital beds currently than it needs to manage the existing cases.

Ministry of Health today said India has 8,356 COVID cases as of today and since only 5 per cent of them would need hospital care and oxygen support the system needs 1,671 beds to manage the patients.

“We need 1,671 beds and have more than one lakh. Even though cases are rising we are over prepared. On April 4, we needed 580 beds and had 67,500. On April 9 we needed 1,100 beds and had 85,000. So there is no reason to panic,” Lav Agarwal of Ministry of Health said.

The country has 601 dedicated COVID hospitals as of today with Indian Armed Forced readying 51 hospitals with 9,000 beds which are fitted with high dependency utilities.

The Government said India had seen 909 cases since yesterday and 34 deaths. Toll, as of today, is 273 and the number of cured patients is 715.

The Ministry is now working to upgrade all government and private medical colleges into testing centres with 14 institutes of national importance including AIIMS set to act as mentors.

In an important message today, the government said India had prepared its health systems to tackle exponential growth in COVID cases.

Agarwal listed states that had dedicated separate hospitals for COVID. “Around 85 per cent of all COVID positive patients have mild symptoms and will just need management. Five per cent will need hospital beds with oxygen and another 2 per cent will need ventilator support in ICU. We are creating those systems. India’s current daily testing average is 15,757 with an average of 584 people testing positive daily. This is to be ramped up by the next week.”

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