Uttarakhand University Directory

We  compiled a list of  University in Uttarakhand  and we hope that user will be get benefited from this list. before the carving  of Uttarakhand from Uttar Pradesh there are very few University in Uttarakhand. now after one decade of development in various sector also fueled the growth of higher […]

Brig. T Sailo

Brigadier Thenphunga Sailo ..born 1Jan 1922, commissioned Nov.1942..IMA Dehradun. Initially with the 2nd. Punjab Regiment and later with the Assam Regiment. While asking about his early days in Army, Particularly in the second world war period in the Burma front against the Japanese forces, Brig Sailo mentioned about his book, […]

Dilemma of Development or Devastation. by Shishir Prashant

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The catastrophe in Uttarakhand may have been unprecedented, but it is not as if the state government wasn’t unaware of the looming threat. Government reports had warned of the unchecked dangers of urbanisation, and from power projects The dreadful night of June 16 was marked by landslides and torrential rain. […]

Will Rehabilitation Based Development In Uttarakhand Check Migration From The Hills

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विस्थापित जनित विकास से:  क्या पलायन को रोक सकेगा? बाजारवाद के दौर में भूमि और जल संसाधनों पर इस वक्त निजि कम्पनियों की सर्वाधिक गिद्द दृष्टि है। ऊर्जा के बाद सड़क परिवहन और संचार के रूप में ढ़ाँचागत सुविधाओं की बढ़ती आवश्यकता के चलते भूमि और जल संसाधनों के तेजी […]

Prohibition in Kerala: Hungama Kyu Barpa

The latest prohibition policy announcement made by the state of Kerala has evoked much debate and discussion in the media and also in the social network sites. Why this Hungama in case of Kerala state, when we already have a long established one in Gujrat and also in North-eastern state […]

Himalayan Landslides and Sustainable Development -an Uttarakhand Prespective -Dr.Suneet Naithani

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Himalaya Landslides and Sustainable Development हिमालय और भूस्खलन एवं संन्तुलित विकास “ उत्तराखण्ड एक नजर”                                                                                                               डा0 सुनीत नैथानी भुर्गभ विज्ञानियों के अनुसार हिमालय अभी भी अपनी शिशु अवस्था में है। यह संसार की नवीनतम पर्वत श्रंखलाओं में से एक है। वैज्ञानिकों के अनुसार वलित पर्वतों का निर्माण मध्य […]