Police: Man forced woman to watch Roots for racism lessons

Kusum Tewari


Court records say an Iowa man made a woman watch the miniseries “Roots and told her it would make her better understand her racism

An Iowa man is accused of forcing a woman watch the nine-hour miniseries “Roots,” threatening her and telling her the episodic drama would make her better understand her racism.

Robert Noye, 52, is charged in Cedar Rapids with harassment and false imprisonment. His attorney didn’t immediately return a call Tuesday from The Associated Press.

The Gazette reported that the woman told police that Noye made her sit with him to watch the miniseries. It was based on author Alex Haley’s family history, from the capture and enslavement of his ancestor Kunta Kinte in Africa to the liberation of Kinte’s descendants.

When she tried to move, the woman said, Noye told her to remain seated or he would “kill her and spread her body parts” across the interstate.

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