Police Plan Cases Against Tablighi Jamaat Members For Hiding Info

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Police Plan Cases Against Tablighi Jamaat Members For Hiding Info

Coronavirus: In Delhi alone, 2,319 who attended Nizamuddin event have been accounted for

New Delhi:

With 25,500 in quarantine and over a thousand positive cases linked to an event of an Islamic sect in Delhi’s Nizamuddin, several states and Union Territories are still working on tracing those who came in contact with Tablighi Jamaat members. Sources said not many are willing to come forward.

“The crucial period is between March 15 and 25. As people are not coming forward with information, we are trying to locate them with the help of their phone movement,” a senior official said.

According to him, in that period, so far 8,000 phone numbers are being analysed. “We are analysing those numbers who have stayed around the markaz for six days or more. But it’s a Herculean task,” he said.

Police officers said some of these numbers are switched off or in some cases the addresses were incorrect.

The Home Ministry has blacklisted 1,750 foreigners who were associated with Tablighi Jamaat and visited Nizamuddin. So far, the location and whereabouts of 2,083 have been traced.

Five villages in Haryana have been quarantined as some Tablighi Jamaat members visited there too.

In Delhi alone, 2,319 have been accounted for. As many as 518 are in five hospitals and 1,794 are in quarantine facilities in the national capital.

A criminal case was filed on Monday against a man who has COVID-19 symptoms after he spat at a doctor who was on duty at a quarantine facility in Delhi.

Senior police officers said they may file cases against Tablighi Jamaat members who are not coming forward to share information.

“Delhi numbers are rising very fast. If we need to contain this we need to identify everyone. If people are not listening, then we have no option other than to deal with them legally,” a senior police officer said.

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