Retirement Age: Armed Forces

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In the age of advanced weaponary and military technology, we can now have our trained armed forces personnel serve till the age of 60. This can be initiated with the personnel from medical, logistics, general service and other support services

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  1. Not agreed to. Upper age limit for Armed forces personnel is not feasible keeping the service profile in view. Generally JCOs/ OR retire near 50 years. For forces they have to be physically, mentally and medically fit. They have to be posted to field or peace locations frequently. There is no welfare system for the troops to be posted in or near his home town. Also for higher age there is no future promotion which is must to control the Army. There is no promotion prospects for JCOs beyond Subedar Major rank.. This rank is for only 4 years. After that they will be granted Honourary ranks if eligible. There is also no provision for JCOs/OR to be promoted to commissioned ranks as is in CAPF. Besides this this policy will create a lot of administrative problems after implementation. Regards

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