Social distancing norms flouted at Delhis Azadpur Mandi, may become new coronavirus COVID-19 hotspot

New Delhi: The Azadpur Mandi in New Delhi is one the biggest markets in the city and since fruits and vegetables are classified as essential goods the market place is open even in lockdown.

On the tenth day of the nation wide lockdown, the Zee News team at Azadpur Mandi noticed that there was no COVID-19 precautions like social distancing being followed in the market. 

india lockdown, coronavirus india

Vegetables and fruits are being sold in Azadpur market in a crowd of thousands everyday.

Shop keepers from all over the city come here, they sell their produce all through the day and come in contact with several people. 

india lockdown, coronavirus india

This increases the risk of spreading the coronavirus through surface and it could reach any where. 

If an infected person reaches a place like Mandi, then it can be a threat to thousands.

In these circumstances, the risk of community transmission also increases by a manifold.

india lockdown, coronavirus india

So far, the total number of coronavirus cases in India is 2301 which includes 156 recovered cases, 1 migrant patient and 56 deaths as per the Ministry of Health data at 10.40 am. 

As many as 232 new cases were reported in the last 12 hours.

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