Turning off All Lights Will Lead to Grid Failure: Maha Power Min


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to switch off our lights for nine minutes at 9 pm on 5 April, can “lead to a grid failure and affect emergency services”, Maharashtra Energy Minister Dr Nitin Raut said.

Urging citizens to not turn off all the lights at the same time, he said citizens should rethink before doing such a thing as it can “affect emergency services”.

In a video message he said, “Putting off the lights together at the same time can lead to a huge difference in demand and supply. Due to the lockdown, the demand has already decreased from 23,000 megawatt to 13,000 megawatt as factory units are not operating.”

“If all lights are put off at the same time, it can lead to a potential blackout, which will also affect the emergency services. It may take up to 12-16 hours to restore services. In fight against coronavirus pandemic, electricity is an important tool,” he said.

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