Watch | All you need to know about Trump’s India visit

Kusum Tewari

U.S. President Donald Trump is in India on February 24-25 on a state visit, his first such visit to the country. The visit assumes significance given the fact that Mr. Trump is making this trip in an election year. Besides wife Melania, he will be accompanied by his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. This would make the trip one of the few times that Mr. Trump has travelled officially with so many members of his family. He will touch down at Ahmedabad, Gujarat on Monday, where he is set to address a joint rally with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Delegation-level bilateral talks will take place in Delhi on Tuesday. After talks between Mr. Trump and Mr. Modi, a number of agreements and MoUs, including on counter-terrorism, Intellectual Property Rights, space, and medical cooperation, would be exchanged. A limited trade deal, that would give the U.S. greater access to India’s dairy, poultry markets, and lower tariffs on other products, however, remains elusive. Ahead of his visit, he said his country is “doing a very big trade deal with India” but “later on”.

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