Watch: Man Opens Fire In Front Of Cop During Delhi CAA Clashes

Kusum Tewari

An unidentified man waved a gun at an unarmed Delhi Police officer during today’s violence

New Delhi:

Amid the violence that consumed parts of northeast Delhi this morning, one particularly chilling moment emerged from Jaffrabad, where an unidentified man with a handgun confronted an unarmed Delhi Police officer, intimidating him and forcing him to back away with his hands raised before firing repeatedly into the air.

In a video of the horrific incident, shot on a mobile phone by an eyewitness standing on the roof of a nearby building, the lone officer – who seems to be dressed in riot gear – is standing in the middle of a main street as the gunman and at least six others approach him.

The video shows the brave cop standing tall and seemingly unafraid as the gunman saunters up to him, waving the gun and shouting. The gunman fires once into the air as stones and chunks of concrete rain down all around him. Tear gas shells can be heard exploding in the background.


An unidentified gunman was spotted during the violent CAA protests in Delhi today

As the gunman points his gun at him, the police officer slowly retreats, holding his hands away from his body to indicate he is unarmed. The gunman then walks right up to the police officer and shoves him away before firing in the air once more.

As he fires protesters on the other side of the road can be seen scattering in fear.


The gunman confronts the police officer before shoving him away and firing in the air

Displaying exemplary courage, the police officer now raises his hands and slowly walks away again, even as other miscreants shout and throw stones at him.

The scary video is one of several to have emerged from today’s violence.

In other disturbing videos and images, vehicles and buildings can be seen burning. In Bhajanpura protesters threw petrol bombs at shops and set parts of a petrol station on fire.


A petrol pump in northeast Delhi’s Bhajanpura was set on fire

The protests also caused the death of at least one police officer – a Head Constable died in Chand Bagh – and left another – a Deputy Commissioner – injured in Gokulpuri.

Violent scenes were witnessed across several northeast Delhi neighbourhoods today as protesters for and against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act, or CAA, threw stones, set vehicles ablaze and transformed parts of the capital into a war zone.

The violence comes close on the heels of clashes near Jaffrabad on Sunday afternoon, where over 1,000 women have gathered since Saturday night in a peaceful protest against the citizenship law.

Delhi Police resorted to firing tear gas shells in an effort to control the situation. Once the violence escalated, paramilitary forces were called in to restore peace. Large gatherings have been banned after Section 144 was imposed in 10 areas in northeast Delhi.

Sunday also witnessed violence in UP’s Aligarh, where police and anti-CAA protesters clashed. A portion of a shop was set on fire, at least two police vehicles were vandalised and police officers being injured.

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