“Well Be Peaceful Till Trump Leaves,” BJP Leader Kapil Mishra Warns Delhi Police

Kusum Tewari


'We'll Be Peaceful Till Trump Leaves,' BJP Leader Kapil Mishra Warns Delhi Police

BJP leader Kapil Mishra gave an “ultimatum” to Delhi Police to clear in Jaffrabad area.

New Delhi:

A group of lawyers have filed a police complaint against Delhi BJP leader Kapil Mishra for his “inciteful tweets” after clashes erupted between protesters against the Citizenship Amendment Act or CAA, and a group supporting the law in northeast Delhi on Sunday.

Mr Mishra, who is known for his communal and incendiary tweets, led a rally in favour of the law in Maujpur area, near Jaffrabad, where a protest has been on since Saturday night against the citizenship law.

At the rally, he gave an “ultimatum” to the Delhi police to clear the roads in the area or else, he said, they would have to hit the streets.

“Three days’ ultimatum for Delhi Police – clear the roads in Jaffrabad and Chand Bagh. After this,don’t make us understand. We won’t listen to you. Three days,” the controversial politician tweeted in Hindi, along with a video of him speaking.

“We will be peaceful till (Donald) Trump leaves. After that, we won’t listen to even you if the roads are not cleared,” he is seen telling as he urges a police officer standing next to him to clear the roads. “We will have to hit the streets,” he adds.

Around three hours before the clashes broke out, Kapil Mishra had tweeted on Sunday afternoon, asking people to gather at Maujpur at 3 pm “to give an answer to Jaffrabad”. “In support of CAA, we will hit the streets. You are all invited,” he tweeted in Hindi.

“They want to cut off 35 lakh people by blocking the roads. Is this the way to protest against anything? We will not allow the area to be turned into Shaheen Bagh,” Mr Mishra, an ex-Aam Aadmi Party leader who was a minister in the Arvind Kejriwal government, also said.

Several people were injured in the stone-throwing at Maujpur yesterday. Visuals from the spot showed protesters throwing stones at each other across a road, standing close to police barricades. There were reports that the police, who had gathered at the spot in large numbers along with para-military personnel, used tear gas to bring the mob under control.

The situation was brought under control. However, police deployment in the area continues as hundreds of anti-CAA protesters, mostly women, are still sitting outside the metro station in Jaffrabad.

Two metro stations – Jaffrabad and  Maujpur – are currently closed.
The protest at Jaffrabad is one of many mushrooming across the country, inspired by the women’s protest at southeast Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh.

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