West Bengal–IMCT divide widens, team questions states covid-19 plan


The rift between the Centre and the West Bengal government has begun to widen with the Inter Ministerial Central Team (IMCT) now slamming the state for several lapses in its containment efforts.

While the IMCT had, yet again, written to the state’s chief secretary seeking details about the Tablighi Jamaat attendees, many if whom were found to have tested positive for the corona virus, the team alleged that the state government was refusing to cooperate.

The IMCT has put forth a list of 37 questions to the state government pertaining to its containment measures. However, in yet another letter to the chief secretary on Saturday evening, the team alleged, “four letters have been written by the IMCT to the state government. No response has been received till date.”

While the Centre has warned the West Bengal government under the prevalent Disaster Management Act, the IMCT has also slammed the state government for failing to provide adequate security to the IMCT teams, questioning further whether the “DCP of West Bengal police has informed the BSF officers cannot leave the campus of the BSF guest house without the permission of the state government as lockdown is in force…”

The Trinamool Congress however hit out at the IMCT, for seeking to “cause trouble” in the wake of the ongoing pandemic.

“IMCT #Bengal visit served no purpose. Visiting districts with no hotspots. Asking for committee already in place. Real aim is to spread the political virus. Doing it shamelessly. Blatantly. Take ur pick. IMCT= India’s Most Callous Team. IMCT= I Must Cause Trouble (in Bengal),” Derek O’Brien tweeted on Saturday.

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