Will North Korea Get its First Female Dictator? Twitter is Obsessing Over Kim Jong Uns Sister


The mystery over Kim Jong Un’s health continues and headlines are just adding to the uncertainty. Is he dead, serious or just fine? No one knows. But the news has surely propelled Kim Jong’s sister Kim Yo Jong to the limelight.

It is being said that Kim Yo is likely to succeed her brother as North Korea’s leader and if that is true, the world will have its first female dictator.

“Rumour has it that Kim Jong Un ‘s sister will take over if he dies and she supposedly is more brutal than him ..Good news is that world will have its FIRST FEMALE VILLAIN ..Finally JAMES BOND can get REAL,” filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma wrote in a tweet.

Not sure if a female dictator is good news, particularly when reports say she is even more brutal.

For some, Kim Yo’s looks have taken precedence over everything else.

Kim Yo Jong is the director of North Korea’s “Propaganda and Agitation” department and fears are that she is going to be worse than her brother.

Some are even finding parallels to her from TV series and anime.

While some people have been pointing out that Kim Yong is going to be more brutal and that she has aided her brother in ruling the North Korea, other are busy making fancams for her. Fancams are short video clips of K-pop artists performing on stage edited by fans with different effects and transitions.

Last week, reports had surfaced saying China had dispatched a team to North Korea including medical experts to advise on Kim Jong Un. The trip by the Chinese doctors and officials came amid conflicting reports about the health of the North Korean leader.

South Korean government officials and a Chinese official with the Liaison Department challenged subsequent reports suggesting that Kim was in grave danger after surgery. South Korean officials said they had detected no signs of unusual activity in North Korea.

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