क्या भविष्य में मनुष्य को जीवित रहने के लिए मेडिकल टेक्नोलजी का ही सहारा लेना पड़ेगा?!

Will the very survival of human being depend on Immunization/ Vaccination/Medical Technology in future?

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पाठक उपरोक्त बहस मे अपनी राय कमेन्ट सेक्शन मे दे सकते है।

10 thoughts on “क्या भविष्य में मनुष्य को जीवित रहने के लिए मेडिकल टेक्नोलजी का ही सहारा लेना पड़ेगा?!

  1. Technology should not control human life. It’s time Ayurvedic knowledge is promoted to deal with such health and medical issues.

  2. Technology may be useful but not inevitable. In hearth care management, prevention and community support is more important.

  3. Its just a Multi dollar business..

    Survival of the fittest.. We need to adapt to changed climatic conditions.. Most of the diseases are due to our changed lifestyles..

  4. Yes,
    जिस हिसाब से आजकल का माहौल चल रहा है एक के बाद एक different type of diseases are spreading all over the world. Yes we will depend on Immunization/ Vaccination/Medical Technology in future.

  5. Away from nature, man/woman has turned almost a robot. He/She is fast loosing natural insticts and spontaneity that uncomplicates you and in the process releases natural juices of body and mind which cures, not requiring medical technology. A man/woman behaving artificially or living in a bubble would sooner or later need technology-driven injections which alone would ‘connect’ and correct him/her till the time he/she requires a next one for the ailments the increasing unnatural life-style would have created within by then.

  6. I don’t think so. Medication may be needed for immediate / urgent situations but is unlikely to help in the long run. It is for people to understand that building immunity is the most important & effective measure to undertake, as immunity can fight against not one or two but all types of infections. The current live example is people from rural areas hardly got infected with covid and even now there are almost nil cases in villages. The only time covid reached villages was when migrant labours from delhi-ncr, maharashtra and other places headed back to bihar, up & orrisa and in turn carried covid along.
    Sooner we realise this the better for mankind (educated urbanized population).

  7. I don’t think so! It is an easy generalisation to make. The post Covid life would be more or less same as after Spanish flu. However, Covid19 can be a blessing in disguise as well since it would invite more investment on medical security, medical research and health awareness from the stakeholders.

  8. The doctors have done a wonderful job in the current pandemic. It is very clear how the lives of people are getting saved in these circumstances. It is not through policies and words, but by the actual work being done by the font-liners. They have jumped in to the lion’s den.

    Not related to the ongoing pandemic, and not doubting the good work being done by the doctors, the heath industry is a source of major financial gain for many. There are are those who stand to benefit by playing on the fears of the general public. If you haven’t done so already, please read up on the pros and cons of vaccination. This is a big topic, especially in the West. Not many in India explore the choices available in the mainstream health industry, but they also have the awareness of alternative healing systems embedded in their lives, which is a good thing. Chinese medicine and Oriental healing techniques are also excellent alternatives. Chinese medicine is the most used form of medicine in the world. Not many know this.

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