With 342 Fresh Coronavirus Cases, Maharashtra Crosses 2,000 Mark


With 342 Fresh Coronavirus Cases, Maharashtra Crosses 2,000 Mark

In Mumbai, the number of COVID-19 Cases has crossed 1,540.


Maharashtra again registered a huge jump in coronavirus cases today. With 352 new cases detected the total went up to 2,334. Of these, 242 cases were seen in Mumbai, the country’s financial capital, which has been the biggest hotspot in the country. Altogether, there have been 1,540 COVID-19 cases in Mumbai so far, 101 patients have died. Statewide, 160 patients have died.  

Mumbai’s Dharavi – Asia’s largest slum where more than six lakh people live – is fast emerging as a hub of the disease within the city. Four new cases were reported today, taking the total number of cases in the area to 51. Five deaths linked to COVID-19 have so far been reported so far from the area.

Maharashtra has been experiencing a doubling of coronavirus cases every two days, remaining the state with the highest number of cases ever since the global pandemic reached India. 

The experts claim that the number only reflects the larger number of tests carried out in the state.

Delhi and Tamil Nadu are the two other states that have witnessed more than 1,000 cases. 

Maharashtra has already extended the statewide lockdown till April 30. Making the announcement on Saturday, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said, “We have to concentrate in Mumbai and Pune. Essential services will continue. After the 14th, we don’t want any chaos in Maharashtra”.

A fresh announcement about the countrywide lockdown is expected tomorrow from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has already acknowledged that a longer lockdown is necessary. PM Modi, however, also spoke of saving livelihoods as well as lives — giving rise to expectation that the lockdown, if extended, will be relaxed in certain areas and sectors.

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