Blood Pressure: Hurry, Worry and Curry, by D.K. Budakoti

Kusum Tewari

I recognize her and saw her by chance
Though not very sure at the first glance
Took a chance by halting and going back
Yes she was the sister seen after years back

We are all busy these days and have made plans
Me going here and there without definite plans
She teaches economics, me a student of social matrix
She researches on issue, me still grappling with dynamics

There was so much to catch up and know
But are all busy with a time table to show
Thought about her while going up the mountain
On meeting we realized our timings to maintain

Years back I heard about hurry and curry
The things to avoid being free from worry
Society has chartered path to be pragmatic
Followers are professional and rebels lunatic

Both in hurry to reach destination
Me on a task and she on a vacation
We are rushing pushing to mission
I still on a drawing board of vision

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