Lansdowne Best Time to visit, Places to Visit

It is the Cantonment Town of Pauri Garhwal District Lansdowne the best time to Visit Lansdowne the tiniest Himalayan cantonment village that is located in Pauri Garhwal District of Uttarakhand. It’s a popular tourist location that attracts tourists from all across the United States. The place, which is situated at an altitude of 1700 m and 240km from Delhi.

This is one of the most serene hills. Its natural, peaceful beauty is sure to captivate visitors on an excursion. The place is a vast way from the busyness of other hill resorts.

A Brief History

The town’s name comes in honor of the British Viceroy of India, Lord Lansdowne who was in charge from 1887 AD. The town was established by the latter. It was called Lansdowne. It was called ” Kaludanda” before it was changed to Lansdowne.

The town of beauty has an enclave, and remains proudly connected to the historical past. Lansdowne was once one of the most sought-after place to visit among Britishers. People were drawn to the beauty of its surroundings and a favorable conditions. Learn more about Lansdown Town History.

What is the reason to visit Lansdowne ?

The hill town located in Lansdowne located in the middle of the blue-pine and oak forest, is a paradise for visitors looking to see the beauty of nature.

Tourists leave with a lasting impression from amazing weather conditions and stunning natural surroundings.
There are a variety of adventure sports that you can choose from like bird watching, trekking paddling, boating and fishing. There are a variety of activities you can take part in when you visit. It is among the most sought-after weekend getaways in Uttarakhand.

It isn’t as busy as other tourist places like Nainital as well as Mussoorie.

Take a trip for a weekend away with family and friends to Delhi NCR.

The hill station is tranquil tidy, well-maintained, and clean due to its location in the cantonment.

Once you’ve seen all the attractions in Lansdowne take a drive around other towns nearby like Jai Hari Khal Satpuli Pauri and Srinagar.

The hilltop is one kilometer away from Jai Hari Khal, is the shrine of Bhairon dev.

The path to the temple doesn’t take much time, and it is not exhausting. The temple offers an amazing views from the valley.

Lansdowne Uttarakhand – Things to do and places to visit

There is a chance to go to Santoshi Ma Temple, Tip-in-Top, Snow View and Bhulla Lake. St. James’ Church, St. Mary’s Church, Reindeer rock as well as the Garhwal Rifles Museum. Santoshi Ma Temple is one of many sites that you can visit. Additional attractions include Tip-in Top, Snow View and Bhulla Lake. There is also St. James’ Church and St. Mary’s Church.

What is the best time to visit Lansdowne?

Lansdowne is available all year round and has a comfortable environment for guests. The summer months are pleasant. People who visit the town will appreciate the beauty of nature.

The winter months can be extremely frigid, with a lot of snow falling as well as temperatures that could fall lower than the freezing point. It is the perfect time to visit the town, since temperatures are pleasant. The town is surrounded by fog, and is surrounded by a lush landscape with oaks and pine trees.


The highest temperature in summer can reach 30 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius. The winter temperatures vary between 24 and zero degrees Celsius. The summer months run between March and June which can be between 30 to fifteen degrees Celsius.

The rain showers can be seen during the summer months, from late July until the end of September. The winter months begin around the end of November, and continue until the end of February. The temperature in town cannot exceed 24 ° Celsius and may drop as low as zero degrees Celsius during the night.

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by Rail :

Kotdwar is the closest railhead from Lansdowne (2 2 hours) It is also well connected via bus. Lansdowne is served by motorized roads which connect it to every major city located in Uttarakhand.

Lansdowne offers good connectivity with all the major cities in Uttarakhand. From Delhi it is possible to take taxis or buses and travel for an hour to.

  • Kotdwar – 44 Kilometers
  • Dehradun – 174 Kilometers
  • Haridwar – 108 Kilometers
  • Nainital – 227 Kilometers
  • Shimla – 402 Kilometers
  • Chandigarh – 313 Kilometers
  • Delhi – 280 Kilometers
  • Jaipur – 520 Kilometers
  • Lucknow (510 kilometers)
  • Mumbai – 1,650 Kilometers
  • Kolkata – 1,519 Kilometers
  • Hyderabad – 1,704 Kilometers
  • Bangalore – 2,249 Kilometers
  • Chennai lies located 2,236 kilometers away