Lantana use

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In many hill villages of Uttarakhand, the agricultural activities have been reduced considerably. The unused and abandoned agricultural fields have been invaded by Lantanas. These Lantanas has also entered/occupied much of the village forest area. It has become a big menace for the people/Families, which are still staying behind for various reasons. I don’t know if the state forest department is taking any steps to tackle this mushrooming growth beyond the village boundary. However the lantana has not become a menace in the tribal villages in Guna district of MP and also in villages of Ahmednagar in Maharastra. Matts made are used for hutwalls, ceiling, Fencing, gate, grain containers, baskets/tokari, etc and many times plastering it with mud mixed with gobar/cowdung. Some Photographs showing the utilization of Lantanas.


Tokari Jhamkhed Ahmednagar Maharastra


Toilet walls


Hut walls

Home Fenching Jhamkhed Ahmednagar Maharastra

grain containers



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