1. He was my grand uncle and Revd D.A Chowfin,s younger brother. Chowfin Of Garhwal has been written by Mr.H.E ChwChoudhry Sinha, my daughter, and has been inaugurated by Peter Chowfin on the 8th of April 2013.

  2. The Chowfins of Garhwal is written by Mr. Harry E Chowfin

    Published by Doreen Chowfin Choudhry.

    Editor and Creative Director, Madhurpriya Choudhry Sinha.

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Himalayan Berry Bedu

The Himalayan Berry- Bedu …..now remains 0nly in the famous song of Uttarakhand…….Bedu pako Bara Masa……. The Fruit is hardly eaten by the Villagers, unlike the Kafal, which also sold in the local market in the season