1 thought on “Development Versus Environment”

  1. I understand that public at large is not against the construction of Dams in the Himalayas but environment experts specially the ‘scientists turned activists’ those pick and choose some technical terms without understanding them and keep blowing negative aspects of these projects. There are strict code of practice (both national and international) laid down by professional bodies while executing ground investigation followed up by construction works mandatorily. Rainfall triggered flashfloods are common and recurring phenomenon of the hilly areas and specially the Himalayas and till we don’t construct major multipurpose dams in the river valleys its impossible to tame the floodwaters and it’s bound to inundate large areas of floodplains. What happens in Bihar and Assam in every monsoon are the greatest examples. Yes, there is cost which the locals have to bear but as per govt. norms they are compensated for. More over, the locals get jobs business because of these projects and it certainly increases the percapita.


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