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The journey from Dhari Devi and Kedarnath will take you through enjoying spectacular Garhwal Himalayan scenery. The pilgrimage route has significant religious significance and is a magnet for seekers and adventurers looking for spiritual guidance and peace.

Dhari Devi from Kedarnath Distance Guide

Dhari Devi is a small temple located in Uttarakhand situated within the Rudraprayagdistrict. The temple is dedicated to goddess Kali. It is among India’s 108 Shakti peethas which have a significant religious meaning. Kedarnath is on its own, is considered to be a sacred Hindu temple that is dedicated to the god of Hinduism, Lord Shiva. It’s located at 3,583 metres above sea level. It is a an integral part of Chota Char Dham Yatra.

Dhari Devi

Dhari Devi lies on the Alaknanda River about 15 km away from Rudraprayag. The temple is believed by many to be is the home of a god who guards the area that protects the region from natural catastrophes. The temple is decorated with old Kali idols as well as an atmosphere of spirituality. Taxis are available or take public transportation to get to Dhari Devi from Rudraprayag.

Dhari Devi is a place that is of immense significance to the religion due to its strong relationship with Kali as the goddess, as well as since she is believed to be an area of protection. The ancient idols of goddess Kali inside the temple add to the spirituality of the place and attract devotees from all over the world. Dhari Devi is a great spot to take in the beautiful beauty that is the Alaknanda River.

Distance between Dhari Devi to Kedarnath

The distance from Dhari Devi to Kedarnath is approximately 82 kilometers via the NH107 and Rudraprayag-Gaurikund Road. It can take a couple of hours for this journey, subject to weather conditions and traffic. It is an amazing trip with stunning images from The Himalayan mountains, the green valleys and rivers that flow.

Alternatives and Routes

  1. Dhari Devi via Sonprayag is the one the most frequent choice of pilgrims to Kedarnath. When you have reached Rudraprayag and then go on towards Sonprayag. The journey towards Kedarnath starts in Sonprayag and travels a distance approximately 19 km. If you don’t desire to hike for a long distance, ponies, helicopters, and palanquins readily available.

Pilgrims will be able to witness the stunning natural beauty of the region by travelling through Dhari Devi via Sonprayag. The beautiful trails that make up the trek that runs from Sonprayag through Kedarnath give the impression of spirituality and adventure. Other modes of transportation, such as horses, palanquins, and ponies helicopters, are in place to make sure that different fitness levels can are able to take part on this journey of a lifetime.

  1. Dhari Devi via Guptkashi It is also possible to travel towards Kedarnath via Dhari Devi via Guptkashi. The distance is around 41 km. Guptkashi is the place to start to begin Kedarnath Trek. Kedarnath Trek. The hike of 16 km that runs between Gaurikund and Kedarnath is possible to complete by foot, or using other means of transportation.

The Dhari Devi-Kedarnath trail through Guptkashi permits pilgrims to enjoy the splendor of Guptkashi and its surroundings. The difficult terrain that the trek takes starting from Gaurikund will be an enjoyable trip for hikers. Based on fitness levels and personal preferences of the travelers you can opt to walk, or take alternate transport.

Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath Temple is nestled among Garhwal Himalayas that are capped with snow and is a must-see for devotees of Lord Shiva. The temple is a tribute of ancient architectural marvels as well as a serene place to seek spiritual guidance. Kedarnath can be reached through an uphill trek with breathtaking landscapes, steep slopes, and a beautiful mountain. If you want to enjoy your trip comfortably the best option is to take along essentials, such as warm clothing and sturdy footwear.

Kedarnath Temple is a place with a significant religious value which draws people from all over the world. The beautiful location of the temple in Himalayan mountains enhances its mystical appeal. Kedarnath’s hike can be both a physical test and an opportunity for growth spiritually as well as introspectively. A serene and ancient structure as well as a tranquil ambience in the temple give an enchanting atmosphere that is a favorite among visitors throughout the years.

Travel Tips: Important Advice

  1. Keep up-to-date with the most recent weather information before embarking on your trip. The conditions in the mountains is often unpredictable and harsh because of the high elevation. To safeguard yourself against abrupt weather fluctuations It is recommended to keep umbrellas and raincoats in your bag and warm clothes.
  2. Training and Acclimatization The hike up to Kedarnath is an arduous trip. The process of acclimatizing as well as maintaining your fitness levels is essential. If you begin a exercise routine in the early stages by incorporating regular walks and exercising, you will prepare your body to face the demands which lie ahead.
  3. Accommodation The following are guesthouses lodges, lodges and ashrams on the way that connects Dhari Devi and Kedarnath for those seeking to refresh and relax. Reservations are highly recommended to ensure an enjoyable holiday. This is particularly true during peak seasons when accommodations options are restricted.
  4. Medical Facilities There aren’t many medical facilities along the road. Particularly at high altitudes. The need for essential medications as well as a basic first-aid kit are vital. Check with a doctor before the trip to make sure the medical conditions you be suffering from are considered.

The trip from Dhari Devi and Kedarnath, is much more than just an adventure in the physical. It’s a journey of the spirit which allows devotees to connect to their own inner selves. The captivating environment and the sacred energy in these temples will make each step worthwhile regardless of the distance.

The journey leaves a lasting impression on the people who make it. Get your gear ready to journey along the enchanting journey that runs between Dhari Devi and Kedarnath in the search of divine blessings on the route.


1. What is the distance to travel between Dhari Devi and Kedarnath?

Distance from Dhari Devi to Kedarnath: Distance between Dhari Devi and Kedarnath.

2. How long is the journey to Dhari Devi (India) to Kedarnath?

The road journey between Dhari Devi (India) to Kedarnath, India takes approximately 5 hours, based on weather conditions and traffic.

3. What routes are available to travel between Dhari Devi and Kedarnath?

Two options to connect to Dhari Devi (or Dhara Devi) towards Kedarnath.

  • Dhari Devi by Sonprayag to Kedarnath
  • Dhari Devi by Guptkashi to Kedarnath

4. What are the top things to be aware of in your journey between Dhari Devi (Dhar Devi) to Kedarnath (Kedarnath)?

Here are some essential suggestions to guide you through your way starting from Dhari Devi towards Kedarnath:

  • Stay up-to-date on the weather and put on appropriate attire.
  • An adequate degree of fitness and physical strength is necessary to adapt to the elevation.
  • In advance, book accommodation with first aid supplies as well as essential medicines.
  • Make sure to consult your physician prior to travel, especially those with pre-existing medical conditions.
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