Dola Palki Movement’s torchbearer Jayanand always remained a fighter,” says Minister Satpal Maharaj

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Dehradun: Tourism, Religious and Cultural Minister Satpal Maharaj said that Dola palki Movement’s flag bearer, freedom fighter, and social reformer Swatantrata Sangram Senani Swami Jayanand Bharatiya always struggled for the establishment of a casteless society.

Minister Satpal Maharaj was addressing a program organized by the Birokhal District Construction and People Development Committee, Sharda Sangam, and the Voice of the Mountains organization on Monday at the premises of the Culture Department on the 141st birth anniversary of freedom fighter and social reformer Swami Jayanand Bharatiya.

He said that it is a matter of pride for us that today we are celebrating the birth anniversary of our source of inspiration, Jayanand Bharatiya, who carried out several social reform activities in Birokhal’s Panchpuri.

Minister Maharaj said that he led the Dolapalki Andolan. Due to social disparities at the time, the groom could not ride on a palanquin, and the bride could not ride on a doli. Only people from the Shilpkar community could carry the palanquin and doli. He raised his voice against this practice. He met Mahatma Gandhi and requested him to intervene and take action against the exploitation of artisans.

Minister Maharaj stated that the Dolapalki Andolan led by Jayanand Bharatiya later became a part of the freedom movement. On June 13, 1932, he showed the tricolor flag to the Governor of the United Provinces, Lord Malcolm Helie, at the district headquarters of Pauri, for which he was sentenced to rigorous imprisonment. Jayanand Bharatiya had to go to jail six times as a staunch fighter for freedom.

He said that Jayanand Bharatiya’s nature was to reform society. The field of great personalities should never be neglected in any way. On this occasion, cultural programs were also presented by Narendra Rauthan’s cultural group Sharada Sangam.

On this occasion, Dr. Arun Prakash Dhoundiyal, Mohan Singh Kandari, P.S. Bisht, Colonel Surajpal Negi, Alam Singh Rawat, Kailash Madhwal, Bhupendra Singh Bisht, Rajendra Singh Rawat, Vikram Singh Bisht, Mehraban Singh Rawat, and Narendra Rauthan were present.

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