Facebook launched a new website especially for NGOs and Non Profits.

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Do you know Facebook is actively supporting Non profits and Non-governmental organizations generally called NGOs  to enhance their social media presence on Facebook  NonprofitsFBComiPhoneto mobilize community at large to  achieve their Goal. for this purpose Facebook launched a website -Facebook for Nonprofits, Especially aimed at assisting nonprofits and non-governmental organizations with achieving their goals on the social network.

Facebook marketing manager, social good Joanne Sprague said in a Facebook Media blog post that Facebook for Nonprofits will provide information on how nonprofits and NGOs can:

Strengthen their Facebook presences,

Leverage the platform to reach their goals.

Effectively use our tools.

Find success stories and best practices.

The site is broken up into four sections:

Get started.

Raise awareness.

Activate supporters.

Raise funds.

The social network added in a Facebook for Business post that the new site is currently available in English only, saying:

We will keep working to provide tools and information for the global community on Facebook and provide updates as more resources become available

Sprague said in her blog post:

We hope this website will serve as a valuable resource for nonprofits, regardless of their size, focus or location. This is just the next step in our efforts to build tools and products to empower our global community to do even more good on Facebook. We can’t wait to see what this community does next.

And Facebook added in the Facebook for Business post:

We are inspired by how many people use Facebook to improve the lives of others and help their communities, and we are committed to helping people do more good through Facebook. This new site is one of the ways we’re supporting our large community of volunteers, donors and activists using Facebook to make the world a better place. When people are connected, they can achieve extraordinary things.

Now time to visit site  just check it out and share your  initial impressions of Facebook for Nonprofits?

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