The Ghughuti Bulletin is a Online bulletine, which is launched to  publish News, Articles on various issues  related development and furtherance of  Uttarakhand . Views of individuals and groups on various issues concerning the State and society will also be published by the bulletin.


Many dream to own a home
Few think of millions without a home

Many enjoy life through the loans
Many are bonded to the loans

Many afford to have a family
Many struggle to raise a family

Many worry about their changing figures
Few worry about the malnutrition figures

Few diet to live life
Many lack the diet to stay alive

Many think of quality education
Few fight for the right to education

Many talk of the schooling system
Few think of deschooling the system

Few plan before they retire
Many have no age to retire

Few die for the state
Many die without a state

Many live for the sake of living
Few live for changing the living

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