Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj inaugurated Sir George Everest Cartographic Museum in Mussoorie

Sir George Everest Mussoorie , On World Tourism Day, Uttarakhand Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj marked the occasion by inaugurating the Cartographic Museum and unveiling a helipad at Sir George Everest in Mussoorie. The helipad has been dedicated to the renowned Indian mountaineer Radhanath Sikdar as a tribute to his incredible achievements.

These tourism promotion activity is being observed in various places in the state by the Tourism Department on the occasion of World Tourism Day 2023, which has been themed “Tourism and Green Investment” by UNWTO.

During the program held at Sir George Everest in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj inaugurated the Cartographic Museum and dedicated the helipad to the great Indian mountaineer Radhanath Sikdar.

In his address, Minister Maharaj praised the achievements of Sir George Everest and Radhanath Sikdar in mountain climbing and survey work, dedicating the Sir George Everest Cartographic Museum to all the great mountaineers of India.

This museum is unique as it displays the Great Trigonometric Arc Survey conducted by Sir George Everest and surveys of various Himalayan peaks by Indian mountaineers. It also provides information about various instruments used in surveys.

Tourism Minister Maharaj also provided information about various programs being organized by the Tourism Department in different districts of the state as part of World Tourism Day. He mentioned that under the Best Tourism Village competition organized by the Government of India on this occasion, the village of Sarmoli in Pithoragarh district was awarded the title of the Best Tourist Village.

This competition invited information and presentation from tourist villages in all states regarding various activities and facilities related to tourism, including information on various activities and home stays for tourists.

The award by the Government of India is an excellent example of community participation in tourism in the state.

Anuj Gupta, the Chairman of the Mussoorie Municipal Council, welcomed the tourists arriving in Mussoorie at this museum and encouraged other notable personalities of Mussoorie to provide information to tourists about this new tourist destination.

On this occasion, various programs related to tourism were organized in different places in Almora district, including art, essay, and MTB competitions.

In Pithoragarh district, a three-day National Rafting Championship and angling competition is being organized. Teams from various states, as well as teams from Nepal, are participating in this competition.

In Uttarkashi district, trekking and mountain biking were organized, and a cultural evening was held at London Fort. Additionally, a seminar on tourism and green investment was organized.

Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj inaugurated Sir George Everest Cartographic Museum in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

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