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Nestled high up in the snow-capped Himalayan mountains, the sacred Kedarnath temple is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites for Hindus across the world. As one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva and part of the Char Dham circuit situated in Uttarakhand, Kedarnath temple holds profound religious significance.

Every year during the pilgrimage season between the months of May-June and September-November, lakhs of devotees undertake challenging treks and difficult road trips to reach this holy shrine and get blessings from Lord Shiva.

However, for the old, disabled or those with time constraints, there is now a more convenient way to undertake this spiritual journey through the scenic Himalayas from Delhi to Kedarnath by helicopter.- by opting for a helicopter tour package from Delhi.

Why Take a Helicopter Ride to Kedarnath

Here are some of the key benefits of booking a Delhi to Kedarnath helicopter tour package:

  • Fast and Convenient Travel: A helicopter ride takes only about 2 hours as opposed to days of travel by road and trekking. This saves time and provides a comfortable journey for those who cannot trek.
  • Scenic Aerial Views: The helicopter journey offers stunning aerial sightseeing opportunities to enjoy majestic mountain vistas, valleys, forests, villages and rivers along the way.
  • Access Remote Areas: The remoteness and high-altitude of Kedarnath temple makes it challenging to access by other modes of transport. A helicopter provides easy and direct access.
  • Customizable Tour Packages: Most helicopter operators provide customized 2-day or multi-day tour packages as per your needs which include hotel accommodation, flight tickets and sightseeing.
  • VIP Darshan Arrangements: Many helicopter packages include special VIP darshan slip at Kedarnath temple so you can conveniently get blessings without waiting in long queues.
  • Ideal for Senior Citizens: The helicopter tour is the perfect transportation for senior citizens who wish to go on this holy yatra without enduring difficult treks or long road journeys.

So if you want a personalized spiritual Himalayan experience, a Delhi to Kedarnath helicopter tour is ideal. Do read through this detailed guide to understand all the intricacies involved.

There are some popular helicopter routes and service providers for Kedarnath temple yatra as outlined below:

Delhi to Kedarnath

  • Flying Time: 2 Hours approximately
  • Service Providers: Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd, UTair India, Global Vectra Helicorp Ltd
  • Stops: May include halts at Dehradun, Phata, Guptakashi

Haridwar/Dehradun to Kedarnath

  • Flying Time: 1 Hour approximately
  • Service Providers: Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd, UTair India, Aryan Aviation
  • Stops: Phata, Guptakashi

Some of the most reputed helicopter companies providing exclusive Delhi to Kedarnath services are:

  • Blueheights Aviation Pvt Ltd: Offers helicopter packages ranging from 1-5 days with prices starting at Rs 12,000 per person. Includes pickup-drop, hotels, VIP darshan and meals.
  • Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd: A pioneer in helicopter services in India operating since 1985. Offers customized Char Dham helicopter packages from Delhi, Dehradun and Haridwar.
  • Aryan Aviation: Providing helicopter services in the region for over 15 years, it is known for its quality of service and safety record. Offers exclusive 5-seater and 6-seater helicopters.
  • UTair India: This ISO-certified Russian helicopter company offers deluxe 5 day all-inclusive helicopter tour packages covering Char Dham circuit starting from Rs 1,75,000 per person.
  • Global Vectra Helicorp Ltd: A renowned private helicopter operator that provides high-quality helicopters like Bell 407and AS350 B3 for Char Dham yatra.

So there are reputable and experienced aviation companies to choose from for your spiritual aerial journey to Kedarnath temple and back.

Overview of the Helicopter Flight from Delhi

Here is an overview of what the typical exclusive Delhi to Kedarnath helicopter flight journey involves:

Departure from Delhi

Your exciting aerial spiritual journey starts from the Sahastradhara Helipad in Delhi early in the morning around 6-7 AM. Safety briefing will be provided on arrival and ensuring luggage compliance as per limits is key before takeoff.

Scenic Himalayan Aerial Views

As the helicopter ascends towards the Himalayas, stunning window views can be enjoyed of the majestic snow-clad mountain peaks, forests, rivers and rural hamlets from high up in the sky.

Stopover at Phata/ Guptakashi

Due to aviation rules, there will be a technical stopover for passenger changeover either at Phata or Guptakashi helipad base. This short halt allows refuelling and maintenance checks before proceeding.

Arrival at Kedarnath Temple

Within 15 minutes rapid flight from Phata, the helicopter finally lands at the Kedarnath temple helipad. On arrival, ground staff will receive you to provide assistance. Once darshan is completed, return flight begins via the same stopover base back to Delhi.

The well-planned aerial tour allows travelers to conveniently cover this challenging to access spiritual destination through an hour long flight each way. With experience staff assistance, the journey proves blissful.

What to Expect – Delhi to Kedarnath Helicopter Flight

If you are planning to undertake the Delhi to Kedarnath Yatra by helicopter, here are some important aspects to expect:

Baggage Regulations

Due to the small size of helicopters, there is a strict 5 kg check-in baggage limit per person which must be followed. Only 1 small handbag is allowed in cabin compartment. Avoid carrying large bags or suitcases.

Safety Gear Requirements

Passengers must wear seat belts throughout the journey for safety. Carrying jackets and woolens is advised due to high altitude cold weather. Some operators may require you to wear a safety jumpsuit for extra precaution.

Hotel Accommodation and Permits

Many helicopter companies provide packaged deals which include permits, hotel stay, taxi transfers etc along with flight tickets. Confirm this while booking. Hotels can organize special darshan passes for the temple.

Changeable Weather Conditions

The weather in the Himalayan region tends to be unpredictable. In case of bad weather like dense fog or heavy rainfall which affects visibility, flights may get rescheduled or cancelled. Pilots will only operate under safe conditions.

Preparedness for High Altitude

As Kedarnath temple area is located at a very high altitude of 3553 mtrs, some travelers may experience uneasiness. Keep yourself well hydrated, avoid overexertion and inform pilots in case any discomfort is felt. Carrying prescribed medication if required is advised.

By being well prepared for the journey, your helicopter tour to Kedarnath temple will prove a fantastic experience as you get blessings from Lord Shiva’s abode amidst magical mountain views.

How to Book a Helicopter Package from Delhi

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to book an exclusive Delhi to Kedarnath helicopter package:

Choosing a Reliable Operator

Research well and shortlist reputed aviation companies for your helicopter yatra. Check years of experience, safety records, customer reviews before selecting agency. Avoid unknown agencies.

Pick a Suitable Tour Package

Check available tour packages in terms of number of days, facilities inclusions, prices and customize preferences. Many operators offer fixed departure group tours as well tailored private charters as per your dates.

Book in Advance, Especially for Peak Seasons

Plan your Char Dham yatra well in advance and book at least 4-6 weeks before journey date. Limited flights available during peak season so book early for availability assurance and price savings.

Submit Required Documents

Provide requested KYC documents for flight booking like ID proof, health reports, photos etc along with helicopter tour package form and booking amount to company. E-tickets will be issued.

Arrange Additional Requirements

Book accommodations, transfers, cab services and permits for Kedarnath valley through tour planners if not part of package. Carry sufficient cash, essential medicines, warm clothing as weather fluctuates.

Follow up regularly before departure date for updates and reconfirm hotel bookings, transfers and flight timings if any changes occur.

What is the Ideal Time for the Kedarnath Temple Helicopter Tour?

Here are details on the ideal duration for planning your helicopter yatra:

Best Time for Char Dham Yatra

The ideal time period for undertaking the Char Dham yatra is during summer and autumn, specifically in the months of:

  • April – June: This is when the weather is pleasant with clear sunny skies. However snow blocked routes start opening up so some places may have access issues.
  • September – October: During autumn, heavy rainfall subsides in this region offering another good window for smooth travel and temple visits. Winters start setting post November.

So for a safe, comfortable and enjoyable spiritual Himalayan experience, plan your helicopter tour anytime between May-June or Mid-September to October. Summers generally have heavy pilgrim inflows.

Duration of Helicopter Tour Package

A usual helicopter Delhi to Kedarnath tour can be covered in:

  • 2 Days Trip: This includes a same day return flight or one overnight stay at Kedarnath. Sufficient for quick darshan experience.
  • 4-5 Day Package: Allows leisurely travel with 2 nights stay at Kedarnath along with visits to nearby sites like Guptakashi, Sonprayag waterfalls etc. Extend your divine Himalayan sojourn.

Choose tour duration as per your travel preferences, time availability and budget. Customizable helicopter packages available accordingly.

So by booking during the right time frames, your spiritual journey will prove fruitful, comfortable and memorable amidst heavenly sceneries all around!

How Much Does Char Dham Helicopter Tour Cost?

The Char Dham helicopter package cost from Delhi covering Kedarnath temple can vary depending on:

  • Number of passengers
  • Type of helicopter like Mi-172, Bell 407, AS-350
  • Number of days and customisations
  • Service provider and available offers

Indicative pricing for a Delhi-Kedarnath-Delhi helicopter tour will be around:

  • Budget Packages: Starts at Rs. 12,000 per person for 2D1N basic tour
  • Premium Packages: Rs. 1-1.75 Lakhs per person for 5-6 days all-inclusive luxury private charter

Many operators provide special concessions and deals for group bookings. Senior citizens may get about 10% discounted rates while kids are charged full fare.

So helicopter tour package costs to Kedarnath temple can begin from a budget option of Rs 10,000 per person spanning ultra-premium luxury private charters as well depending on your choice. Comparing prices across service providers is advisable.

What are the Key Places to Visit in Kedarnath?

This ancient holy town has several spiritual and natural attractions to explore after seeking blessings at the main Kedarnath temple.

Kedarnath Temple

This highly revered sacred shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva’s jyotirlingam form. The magnificent architecture and divine energy attracts pilgrims. Special aartis are held during morning and evening.

Bhairavnath Temple

This small shrine just 1 km away from Kedarnath is dedicated to Bhairavnath, an intimidating incarnation of Lord Shiva. It is the protector deity guarding Kedarnath town.

Vasuki Tal Lake

At a breathtaking altitude of 14,000 ft lies this glacial high altitude lake with crystal clear water offering spectacular reflections of Chaukhamba peak.

Gaurikund Lake

This is a sacred lake connected to goddess Parvati, which pilgrims bathe in before starting treks to Kedarnath. It is also the place where Lord Ganesha is worshipped here before visiting Kedarnath.


The holy confluence point of rivers Basuki and Mandakini, it has a special puja platform for worshipping ancestors and is an important spiritual landmark.

So there are plenty of tranquill scenic spiritual spots to explore around Kedarnath valley during your tour.

Frequently Asked Questions About Delhi Kedarnath Helicopter Tour

Here are some common doubts addressed regarding Kedarnath helicopter bookings:

Can Helicopter Trips Be Done Throughout the Year?

Helicopters can only operate safely when weather allows clear visibility. Hence services are only available from April-November when Kedarnath temple remains open. Routes get blocked rest of the year due to heavy snowfall.

What if My Flight Gets Cancelled Suddenly?

Heavy rain, dense fog or technical issues may rarely necessitate last minute helicopter flight cancellations. In such a case, your bookings automatically get postponed to the next available date as seats vacant. Full fare refunds will be provided in case rebooking is not possible.

Where Can We Book Helicopter Tickets From?

You can directly book Delhi Kedarnath helicopter tour from authorized travel company websites or approved IRCTC online booking portal for fixed departure shared or private charters as per choice. Avoid illegal touts.

How to Select the Best Helicopter Tour Package?

Check years of expertise, safety records, passenger reviews, amenities inclusions and prices across providers before choosing agency for your helicopter travel package. Go through detailed tour itinerary. 5-7 day all-inclusive packages allow comprehensive spiritual experience.

Is Helicopter Travel Safe for the Aged and Infants?

Leading helicopter companies have excellent safety records owing to routine aircraft checks and experienced certified pilots. Special assistance for seniors, ladies and infants is also provided at terminals. The pressurised cabin interior ensures comfortable aerial journey for all age groups.

So hopefully all your queries stand addressed regarding planning a fantastic spiritual aerial tour from Delhi to Kedarnath temple through authorized travel agents!


Undertaking a helicopter yatra is thus the perfect option to visit Kedarnath temple for the old, disabled or time constrained. One can conveniently access this holy Himalayan shrine from Delhi within just 2 hours through the skies and seek Lord Shiva’s divine blessings.

A large number of reputed helicopter companies offer customizable safe aerial tour packages ranging from budget to luxury as per need to this sacred Char Dham site. Equipped with state-of-art aircraft and experienced teams, they assure a memorable divine travel experience amidst picture-postcard Himalayan sceneries!

Book in advance online through authorized travel agency websites during April-June or September-October for availability. Carry valid ID and mandatory permits along with woolens and medication. Flights may get cancelled owing to erratic weather but full refunds stand guaranteed.

So for the spiritual pilgrim inside you aspiring to culminate that important Kedarnath temple visit from the comforts of Delhi no matter your age, constraints or trepidations – a helicopter awaits to literally transport you to heavenly realms!

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