Discover India’s Mini Maldives in Uttarakhand’s Magnificent Tehri Garhwal District

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Mini Maldives in Uttarakhand nestled amidst the breathtaking Himalayan foothills of Tehri Garhwal in Uttarakhand lies a hidden gem that offers visitors a delightful taste of the Maldives without needing to leave the country.

Welcome to the Le ROI Floating Huts & Eco Rooms, an incredible resort built on the shimmering blue waters of the Tehri Dam reservoir. With its wooden huts and villas floating blissfully on the lake surface, this charming getaway has rightfully earned the nickname of “Mini Maldives“.

Much like its luxurious namesake in the Indian Ocean, Le ROI Floating Huts offers visitors a memorable overwater bungalow stay experience coupled with exciting watersports and adventures against an unbelievably scenic backdrop.

Yet while holidays to the Maldives can be quite heavy on the pocket, Uttarakhand’s very own “Mini Maldives” provides a far more affordable vacation option without compromising on natural beauty or facilities. Whether you’re a backpacker, family, or honeymooning couple – this spectacular resort has something in store for everyone!

So let’s dive right in (pun intended) and discover exactly why Le ROI Floating Huts at Tehri Dam is making ripples as India’s emerging offbeat travel destination that you absolutely must visit!

An Overview of Le ROI Floating Huts “Mini Maldives in Uttarakhand

Built on the man-made Tehri Dam reservoir, Le ROI Floating Huts offers an incredibly unique stay experience amidst gorgeous lake and mountain views. 
ROI hotel tehri , Here are some key facts about this magnificent floating huts eco getaway destination:

  • Location: Tehri Dam reservoir, Bhagirathi & Bhilangana Rivers, Tehri Garhwal district, Uttarakhand
  • Concept: Wooden floating huts & villas on the reservoir surface, similar to overwater bungalows
  • Accommodation: Double occupancy huts & larger 4-person eco rooms
  • Amenities: Lakefacing balconies, air conditioning, comfortable beds
  • Activities: Boatingparasailingjet skiingfishing, trekking, cycling
  • Access: 30-45 minute boat ride from reservoir banks to reach huts
  • Best Seasons: Summers (Apr – June) and Winters (Oct – Feb)
  • USP: Scenic views & exclusive overwater stay amidst mountains
  • Ratings: Good but mixed reviews, concerns about privacy and service quality

So in a nutshell, Le ROI Floating Huts brings you the ambience of a Maldives holiday through scenic huts floating gently over glistening blue waters, surrounded by verdant hills and valleys.

And while the remote location and reliance on boats for transfers poses some logistical challenges, the unmatched views and distinctive concept of this floating hut resort has undoubtedly captured the fascination of many travelers and earned it the “Mini Maldives” tag with pride.

Where Exactly is Uttarakhand’s “Mini Maldives” Located?

Nestled high up in the Himalayas, the small hill town of Tehri lies tucked away in the postcard-perfect Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand.

It is here that the scenic Tehri Dam reservoir stretches out across the merging point of Bhagirathi and Bhilangana rivers, enclosed between towering mountain peaks all around.

And afloat these very waters is where you’ll discover Le ROI’s unique floating huts swaying gently against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayan ranges. This earned it the nickname of “Mini Maldives in Uttarakhand” – bringing luxurious overwater stays to the mountains!

Reaching Tehri Garhwal to Mini Maldives

The journey to this hidden gem may be long but it’s every bit worth it! Here are the best ways to reach Tehri:

  • By air to Dehradun airport + 4 hour drive
  • Hire taxi from Delhi (7-8 hour drive)
  • Public transport – buses from major cities

Do note that the actual floating huts are further 30-45 mins away by boat from the mainland Tehri dam banks. So factor this short boat transfer time once you reach Tehri reservoir main entry point.

Floating Among the Clouds: Take a peek into Le ROI’s Overwater Huts

Le ROI’s floating bubble huts present uber-cool and Instagram-worthy accommodation options. Here’s what staying in one is like!

Wooden Huts Afloat Crystal Blue Waters as mini maldives in uttarakhand

These round floating lodges roi hotel tehri have been meticulously constructed out of high-quality pinewood, expertly finished in fine wood polish. The spherical shape gives them a futuristic bubble hut appearance that will surely make heads turn!

When you step aboard the huts, the wooden floors gently rock back and forth against the lapping waters. Large glass windows along the walls ensure you feel one with nature throughout your stay.

Lakeview Balconies For Couple Goals!

A private balcony section attached along the back of your water bubble hut lets you wake up to unbelievable 180° panoramas. This is definitely #CoupleGoals stuff with stunning sunrises, sunsets and starlit skies!

Cozy Interiors For Ultimate Comfort

Inside, the huts feature tastefully upholstered furniture, plush queen-sized beds, and modern amenities like WiFi, TV and air conditioning. Some units also have quirky details like porthole windows and step ladders leading up to mezzanine sections. Truly an otherworldly experience!

Eco-Friendly Construction

In line with sustainable tourism efforts, the floating lodges have been engineered using non-toxic chemicals. Solar panels also contribute towards meeting electricity requirements in an eco-friendly manner.

So as you can see, Le ROI’s floating bubble huts on Tehri Dam Reservoir merge comfort and luxury with environmental consciousness – making them Uttarakhand’s finest floating accommodation discovery yet!

Set Sail To Adventure: Top Exciting Things To Do Here

Apart from living in unique floating huts, Le ROI offers tourists endless opportunities for adventure, entertainment and photography against nature’s gorgeous canvas.

Here are the top experience-enhancing activities you MUST indulge in during your Mini Maldives stay:

Thrilling Watersports Ahoy!

Get your adrenaline fix through pumping watersports at mini maldives in uttarakhand like:

  • Jetski thrill rides
  • Banana tube floating
  • Speed boat rides
  • Parasailing high above the lake
  • Kayaking across Tehri’s serene waters

Special Activity Assistance: The helpful staff can provide flotation devices and gear while guiding first-timers.

Capture Golden Moments With photography

The stunning sunrises, sunsets and shimmering lake present countless enchanting frames mini maldives in uttarakhand. Carry your camera to capture:

  • Dramatic landscapes
  • Colorful flowers & trees
  • Reflections of floating huts
  • Selfies against dreamy backdrops!

Family Fun & Adventure

Le ROI Floating Huts at mini maldives in uttarakhand welcome guests of all ages and interests. For wholesome family fun, try:

  • Kajak fishing competitions
  • Inter-hut sport tournaments
  • Birdwatching walks
  • Volleyball, badminton on lakeside sand courts
  • Bonfire nights with music & dance

Rejuvenate With Yoga Sessions

What better place to nurture your mind, body and soul than surrounded by nature’s calming vibes?

  • Sunrise yoga on hut rooftops
  • Sunset meditation on lakeside grass lawns
  • Volleyball, badminton on lakeside sand courts
  • Bonfire nights with music & dance

So whether you’re seeking adventure, photography, rejuvenation or quality family time – Le ROI’s floating huts bring everything together in Uttarakhand’s lap of paradise!

Planning Your Visit: FAQs Answered

Here’s a quick FAQ guide to help plan your upcoming visit to Le ROI Floating Huts smoothly.

General FAQs

What exactly is the “Mini Maldives in Uttarakhand”?

It refers to Le ROI Floating Huts resort built on Tehri Dam Reservoir. Wooden huts dotted atop the lake resemble overwater bungalows in the Maldives.

How does it compare to the real Maldives?

While not as lavish as 5-star Maldives resorts, Le ROI Floating Huts offer similar overwater living vibes amidst lakes and mountains at a fraction of the cost.

Best time to visit Mini Maldives in uttarakhand?

The summer (April – June) and winter (October – February) seasons make for the most ideal visit to Le ROI Floating Huts owing to favorable weather.

Location & Accessibility Mini Maldives in uttarakhand

How to reach from Dehradun airport?

Hire a taxi or take a bus to Koti Colony or New Tehri town, followed by pre-arranged transport to reach Tehri dam reservoir banks called koti colony. Lastly, take the 30-45 min boat ride to reach huts.

What’s the road condition to Mini Maldives in uttarakhand?

Expect curvy hill roads however roadsa are good and wide, landslide prone zones during monsoon season. Travel time – 3+ hours by road from Dehradun.

Accommodation & Activities Mini Maldives in uttarakhand

What amenities do the floating huts offer?

Private balconies, air-conditioning, comfortable beds & furnishings. Some feature loft sections & porthole windows.

Any safety regulations for activities?

Yes, certified experts supervise watersports like parasailing. Life jackets & gear provided with proper guidelines.

Budget-friendly experiential options?

Boat rides, fishing, lakeside sports offer value. Maybe combine stay with a campsite on mainland banks.

Booking & Prices

How early to book Le ROI Floating Huts stay?

Advance booking of minimum 2 weeks recommended owing to limited rooms and remote location.

What’s the cancellation policy?

20% cancellation charges if done 24 hours prior. No refund or adjustments for last minute cancellations.

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