Escape the Crowds at these Top 10 Offbeat Places in Uttarakhand for Couples this Summer

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Top 10 offbeat places in Uttarakhand for couples this summer to rejuvunate your mind, body and you know that this north Indian state of Uttarakhand, nestled in the mighty Himalayas, is known as the abode of gods for a reason. This scenic state not only boasts of spiritually significant Hindu pilgrimage sites, but also of some of the most magnificent natural vistas you’ll ever see. From verdant valleys and snow-capped peaks to gushing rivers and serene lakes, Uttarakhand is blessed with incredible natural beauty.

While places like Rishikesh, Haridwar, Mussoorie and Nainital are quite popular amongst tourists, there are several offbeat destinations that remain unexplored in Uttarakhand. These relatively unknown places allow you to experience the raw, unspoilt beauty of the Himalayas in a peaceful setting away from the madding crowds.

If you and your partner are looking to escape the scorching summer heat and spend some quiet, romantic time together this summer, Uttarakhand has got you covered. This blog covers the top 10 offbeat destinations in Uttarakhand perfect for couples seeking to enjoy each other’s company against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas.

Introduction to Offbeat Travel in Uttarakhand

Offbeat travel is all about getting off-the-beaten-path and exploring undiscovered destinations away from mainstream tourist circuits. It allows you to experience the authentic local culture and unmatched raw natural beauty of a place, at your own pace.

Uttarakhand has abundant options when it comes to offbeat travel owing to its vast expanse encompassing the Himalayas. While popular hill stations like Nainital and Mussoorie see thousands of tourists every year, there are scores of relatively unexplored places tucked away in the state’s remote corners.

What makes offbeat travel in Uttarakhand appealing?

  • Chance to experience pristine and unadulterated natural beauty
  • Absence of large tourist crowds
  • Immersive experiences with local culture & traditions
  • Opportunities for adventure activities like hiking, camping, etc.
  • Discovery of hidden gems not on conventional tourist maps
  • Unplugging from social media and connecting with your partner
  • Customizable itineraries as per your interests, not fixed tour packages

For couples, offbeat destinations in Uttarakhand provide a great opportunity to spend quality time together, bond over shared novel experiences and create priceless memories.

As you escape the daily grind and crowds of the city for the tranquility of the lesser-known hill towns and villages of Uttarakhand, you’ll feel the romance rekindling.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 offbeat places in Uttarakhand for couples to visit this summer.

10 Offbeat Destinations in Uttarakhand for Couples

1. Kausani

Perched at an elevation of 1890m, Kausani is one of the most scenic yet relatively unexplored hill stations in Uttarakhand. From its vantage point, you get unmatched 300km wide panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks like TrisulNanda Devi and Panchachuli.

The stunning mountain vistas act as the perfect backdrop for your summer vacation away from the madding crowds. Take romantic walks amidst the sprawling tea estates, enjoy a cosy picnic by the gurgling Rudradhari Falls or simply relax at your private cottage balcony soaking in the gorgeous views.

Watching the sunrise and sunset paint the snow-capped peaks in stunning hues of vermilion from here is an experience that will leave you spellbound.

Top experiences in Kausani:

  • Take a day hike to Annasakti Ashram – where Mahatma Gandhi spent some quiet time contemplated India’s freedom movement.
  • Visit the unique Tea Garden Museum to learn about Kausani’s century-old tea growing tradition.
  • Picnic by the serene Rudradhari Falls as you listen to the soothing sounds of gushing water.
  • Wake up to an orange-hued sky lighting up the Himalayan peaks at sunrise.
  • Capture stunning photos of peaks like Trishul, Nanda Devi, etc bathed in the golden light of dusk.

Kausani sees relatively lesser tourists, allowing you ample space and privacy to soak in its natural charm. With cool temperatures even in summer, it makes for a rejuvenating summer retreat.

How to reach Kausani:

Nearest Railway Station – Kathgodam (136km away)

Nearest Airport – Pantnagar Airport (162km away)

Kausani can be reached in under 5 hours from Delhi by road. With direct buses available, it makes for an easy weekend getaway from cities like Delhi NCR.

2. Peora Mukteshwar

Nestled in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, Peora Offbeat Destinations in Uttarakhand for Couples is an offbeat village perfect for a relaxed summer vacation amidst nature. Perched at an altitude of 6600 feet, Peora charms with its fruit orchards, lush green pine forests and dazzling views of the Himalayan peaks.

Take leisurely walks through this quaint village to admire the picturesque landscapes all around. Go hiking through nearby villages and experience the simple rural life of Uttarakhand up close.

You can also enjoy an evening picnic under the stars as you relax on the terrace of your homestay cottage, soaking in the twinkling lights of the valley below. Wake up to melodious birdsong each morning – over 600 species of birds are found in the region!

Peora also makes for an excellent stargazing destination owing to its high altitude and distance from light pollution of big cities. Make unforgettable memories star gazing on clear nights as you huddle with your partner sipping hot cups of adrak wali chai.

This relatively unknown village sees very few tourists, allowing you to enjoy complete privacy amidst virgin nature. The lush green forests also offer a welcome respite from the sweltering summer heat.

Top experiences in Peora:

  • Stargazing on clear, moonless nights
  • Birdwatching walks through dense forests
  • Hiking from village to village to interact with locals
  • Enjoying serene sunrises lighting up the Himalayas
  • Relaxing picnics and adrak wali chai by your cottage

How to reach Peora:

Peora is located just 23km from the popular hill station of Almora in Kumaon region.

Nearest Railway Station – Kathgodam (95km away)

Nearest Airport – Pantnagar (135km away)

Peora can comfortably be reached in under 3 hours from Kathgodam by car. Share taxis are also available from Almora.

3. Khirsu

To experience Uttarakhand’s rustic charm at its finest, head to the quaint village of Khirsu.

Tucked away in the Pauri Garhwal region, at an altitude of 2700m, Khirsu is surrounded by verdant oak forests, apple orchards and gushing streams. The sweet fragrance of apples and resinous pine will greet you as you take leisurely strolls across this village.

With its laidback vibes and scenic location, Khirsu is one of the most romantic offbeat places in Uttarakhand. Picnic by the banks of a gurgling brook as your partner strums a guitar and sings for you. Take nature walks through alpine forests hand-in-hand or simply relax in each other’s arms at your cozy homestay.

You can also get a taste of local culture by exploring ancient temples like the revered Ghandiyal Devi Temple dedicated to a local deity. Khirsu’s pristine environs allow you to relax and reconnect with your better half in the lap of nature.

Top experiences in Khirsu:

  • Riverside romantic picnics with music, book, and delicious local cuisine
  • Forest bathing walks breathing in pine-scented air
  • Stargazing on clear nights to spot constellations like Ursa Major
  • Trying your hand at fruit picking in the orchards
  • Learning about local culture and beliefs at Ghandiyal Devi Temple

Owing to its offbeat location, Khirsu sees very few tourists. So you’ll have the place largely to yourself to enjoy undisturbed couple time. Summers are pleasantly mild, though carry light woolens for nights and early mornings.

How to reach Khirsu:

Khirsu is located just 15km short of the popular hill station of Pauri, in Garhwal region.

Nearest Railway Station – Kotdwar (115km away)

Nearest Airport – Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun (145km away)

Khirsu can be reached in under 3.5 hours from Dehradun or Delhi by road. Buses ply regularly between Pauri and Khirsu.

4. Khurpatal

For a romantic getaway focused on beautiful lakes, head to the gorgeous Khurpatal near Nainital.

Snuggled at an altitude of 1550m, Khurpatal seduces with its pristine emerald green lake fringed by pine and cedar forests. Take a shikara boat ride across the placid lake with your partner and soak in the incredibly fresh air.

Go angling to try your luck catching the lake’s famed Mahseer fishes together. Enjoy leisurely nature trails through sal forests that surround the lake. Marvel at the pretty lotuses and lilies dotting the lake as you take romantic lakeside strolls.

Watch the reflections of mighty Himalayan peaks dance across the clear waters at dawn. Khurpatal’s raw natural beauty makes it one of Uttarakhand’s most romantic offbeat destinations for couples.

Top experiences in Khurpatal:

  • Shikara boat rides on the scenic green lake
  • Angling for Golden Mahseer fishes
  • Lakeside strolls to admire pretty flowers like lotus, lilies
  • Birdwatching walks – keep an eye out for kingfishers!
  • Enjoying sunrises and sunsets from your lake facing cottage

How to reach Khurpatal:

Khurpatal is located just 12km before Nainital, in Kumaon region.

Nearest Railway Station – Kathgodam Railway Station (33km away)

Nearest Airport – Pantnagar Airport (68km away)

Khurpatal is under 3 hours drive from Kathgodam which is well connected by trains from Delhi and other major cities.

5. Munsiyari

For an offbeat experience blended with adventure, visit the scenic hamlet of Munsiyari in the Kumaon region.

Nestled at an altitude of 2200m, Munsiyari is surrounded by mighty Himalayan peaks like PanchchuliRajrambha and Golden Eagle peak. It acts as the starting point for various exhilarating treks to untouched corners like the Milam glacier.

Go on day hikes to places like Birthi Falls or Maheshwari Kund with your partner. Enjoy evenings camping in alpine meadows and stargazing after delicious pahadi dinners.

Visit the unique Tribal Heritage Museum to get a glimpse into the culture of indigenous communities like the Johari Shaukas. Munsiyari’s raw natural splendour makes it one of the top offbeat honeymoon destinations in Uttarakhand.

Top experiences in Munsiyari:

  • Day hikes to Birthi Falls and Maheshwari Kund
  • Stargazing amidst meadows on clear nights
  • Camping next to gurgling mountain streams
  • Visiting the Tribal Heritage Museum
  • Shopping for local handicrafts and woolens

How to reach Munsiyari:

Nearest Railway Station – Kathgodam (275km away)

Nearest Airport – Pantnagar Airport (249km away)

Regular buses ply from major hill stations like Almora and Nainital to Munsiyari which is under 10 hours drive from Delhi.

6. Binsar

The relatively unexplored wildlife sanctuary of Binsar makes for an offbeat romantic destination for nature lovers.

Binsar is nestled amidst the Lesser Himalayan range, in Kumaon region. The forests here are home to 200+ species of exotic birds and animals like leopards, bears, deer and bugs.

Go for leisurely nature trails inside the sanctuary and watch colorful Himalayan birds like the Monal pheasant. Look out for animals like barking deer grazing in shrubbery and langurs frolicking in trees.

Stay in cosy cottages at places like The Binsar Retreat situated right inside the sanctuary. Wake up to birdsongs each morning and enjoy piping hot breakfast with sweeping valley views.

Binsar also offers panoramic views of famous Himalayan peaks like Nanda DeviPanchchuli and Trishul. Make memories enjoying romantic picnics amidst oak forests after easy day hikes. With just a sprinkling of tourists, Binsar makes for an ideal offbeat summer getaway.

Top experiences in Binsar:

  • Jungle safaris to spot exotic birds and animals
  • Picnicking amidst oak forests
  • Stays inside the wildlife sanctuary
  • Panoramic views of Himalayan peaks
  • Temple visits – check out the ancient Shiva temple nestled in the forest

How to reach Binsar:

Nearest Railway Station – Kathgodam (119km away)

Nearest Airport – Pantnagar Airport (152km away)

Binsar can be reached in under 4 hours from Delhi by road. Buses ply regularly from hill stations like Almora and Nainital.

7. Chaukori

For spectacular sunrise and sunset views, visit the offbeat hill station of Chaukori in Pithoragarh district.

Perched atop a ridge at an altitude of 2010m, Chaukori offers sweeping vistas of majestic Himalayan peaks. Watch in awe as the first rays of sun paint Nanda DeviTrishul and Panchachuli peaks in stunning pink and orange hues each dawn.

Meander through the quaint villages and spend a night at a traditional Pahadi homestay. Interact with locals over delicious Bhatt ki Churkani meals and get a taste of authentic rural life.

Go souvenir shopping at the local haats selling organic produce and handmade woolens. The old world charm and laid back pace of life here will have you relaxed in no time.

Top experiences in Chaukori:

  • Sunrise views of Nanda Devi and Panchachuli
  • Stays at traditional Kumaoni homestays
  • Organic shopping for fruits, vegetables and woolens
  • Tea estate visits to learn about tea cultivation
  • Temple visits – check out the ancient Arjuneshwar Shiva Temple

How to reach Chaukori:

Nearest Railway Station – Tanakpur (141km away)

Nearest Airport – Pantnagar Airport (192km away)

Chaukori is around 8 hours drive from Delhi, with buses plying regularly from Haldwani, Bageshwar and other hill stations.

8. Chopta

Fondly called the ‘Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand’, Chopta is every nature lover’s paradise.

Renowned for its lush meadows and dense cedar forests that offer fairytale views of the Himalayas, Chopta lies in the lap of Tungnath.

Go on leisurely nature trails with your partner breathing in crisp, pine-scented air. Enjoy cosy picnic lunches and music amidst green pastures after the hikes.

Watch colorful rhododendrons blooming against snowy peaks during spring. Experience unmatched tranquility while meditating at the ancient Tungnath Temple – one of the Panch Kedars dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Plan an overnight camping trip under a star-studded night sky for a truly magical experience. Chopta’s pristine natural environs make it one of the most romantic yet offbeat places to visit in Uttarakhand.

Top experiences in Chopta:

  • Nature walks through rhododendron forests
  • Picnics in green alpine meadows
  • Temple visit to Tungnath – one of the Panch Kedars
  • Starry night camping trips
  • Birdwatching – it’s a haven for Himalayan species
  • Paragliding offering bird’s eye view of valleys

How to reach Chopta:

Nearest Railway Station – Haridwar (165 km away)

Nearest Airport – Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun (185 km away)

Regular buses available from major destinations like Rishikesh,

Here’s the continuation of the 5000 word blog post on offbeat destinations in Uttarakhand:

9. Bhimtal

For a relaxed vacation amidst nature, visit the scenic lake town of Bhimtal.

Nestled at 1370m altitude, Bhimtal is centered around a beautiful lake but sees far lesser tourists than its popular cousin Nainital.

Go boating in shikaras on the serene blue waters and try your hand at angling. There are several cozy cottages where you can enjoy stunning views of the lake from your private sit out.

Take nature trails through oak and pine forests around the lake for romantic walks. Enjoy sunsets from beside the lake as the dying light creates a magical orange haze.

Visit historic sites like the Bhimeshwara Mahadev Temple on the lake’s shore which legends say was built by Bhima of the Mahabharata fame.

Top experiences in Bhimtal:

  • Shikara boat rides on the beautiful blue lake
  • Angling for Golden Mahseer fishes
  • Sunrise and sunsets by the lakeside
  • Nature trails through oak and pine forests
  • Temple visits like Bhimeshwara Mahadev and Victoria Dam

How to reach Bhimtal:

Nearest Railway Station – Kathgodam (30km away)

Nearest Airport – Pantnagar (75km away)

Under 3 hours drive from Delhi/NCR via NH109. Well connected by road to major destinations.

10. Kanatal

For an offbeat serene vacation, head to the relatively unexplored village of Kanatal.

Perched at 8500 feet altitude, Kanatal impresses with its tranquility enveloped within lush apple orchards and pine forests.

Enjoy intimate picnic lunches amidst fruit orchards after leisurely nature walks. Go on a hike to scenic spots like Tehri Dam for spectacular valley views.

Camp under starlit nights with bonfires and barbecue. You can also enjoy activities like rappelling, valley crossing, etc at Camp Mustang nearby.

The tiny hamlet offers unmatched peace, letting you bond deeper with your partner over long countryside strolls. With just a sprinkling of cottages and tourists, Kanatal makes for a perfect offbeat summer getaway.

Top experiences in Kanatal:

  • Picnics amidst apple orchards
  • Stargazing on clear moonlit nights
  • Day hikes to spots like Tehri Dam, Surkanda Devi, etc
  • Adventure activities like rappelling, valley crossing, etc
  • Long countryside walks through forests

How to reach Kanatal:

Nearest Railway Station – Rishikesh (75km away)

Nearest Airport – Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun (85km away)

Under 3 hours drive from Dehradun and Rishikesh. Well connected by road to major destinations.

Why Visit Offbeat Places in Uttarakhand?

After discovering these top 10 offbeat destinations, you must be convinced that Uttarakhand has a treasure trove of such untouched natural gems waiting to be explored.

But why should you plan your summer vacation at one of these relatively unexplored places over more popular touristy hill stations?

Here are some key benefits of visiting offbeat places in Uttarakhand:

  • Escape crowded hill stations teeming with tourists
  • Soak in raw, unspoilt beauty of the Himalayas
  • Immerse in local culture staying at homestays
  • Undertake new experiences like camping, hiking, etc
  • Bond with your partner exploring new places together
  • Make priceless memories away from daily routines
  • Rejuvenate in the tranquil environs amidst nature
  • Discover hidden spots not on conventional tourist maps

In addition to their natural charm, Uttarakhand’s offbeat destinations boast of comfortable accommodation options like eco resorts, cottages and homestays.

Most places are well connected by road and offer simple but delicious pahadi cuisine. The cool pleasant weather, especially in summers, adds to their appeal.

So ditch the conventional honeymoon destinations and head to Uttarakhand’s offbeat spots this summer for an idyllic romantic vacation.

How to Plan Your Offbeat Uttarakhand Trip?

Convinced about the allure of offbeat travel in Uttarakhand? Here are some tips to plan your vacation:

Pick the right destination – Go through the list above and pick a place that appeals most to you and your partner based on your interests – adventure, wildlife, lakes, temples, etc.

Look up best time to visit – Uttarakhand has pleasant weather through the year but do check when’s the best season for your chosen destination.

Book accommodation in advance – Offbeat spots have limited stay options so book your resort/homestay well in advance.

Pack Appropriately – Check the weather forecast and carry adequate warm clothing if required. Also pack supplies like snacks, water, medications, etc.

Arrange local transport – Hire a taxi in advance for pickup from the nearest railhead/airport and for sightseeing.

Research well – Read blogs, talk to locals to uncover unique experiences like village walks, unknown trails, etc.

Keep it flexible – Don’t cram too many places; instead, pick one region and explore at leisure based on leads.

Disconnect from routine – Consciously switch off from social media and work. Immerse in the local culture and spend quality time with your partner.

With some research and planning, you are sure to have an amazing offbeat holiday in Uttarakhand’s unspoilt natural environs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Offbeat Destinations in Uttarakhand

Here are some common queries answered about visiting offbeat places in Uttarakhand:

Q1. Which is the best offbeat destination in Uttarakhand for couples?

Some of the most romantic offbeat destinations in Uttarakhand for couples are Kausani, Khurpatal, Chopta, Bhimtal, Munsiyari, etc. Pick the one that best matches your interests and preferences.

Q2. What is the best time to visit offbeat places in Uttarakhand?

Mid-March to June is the ideal time with pleasant weather. Many places like Chopta, Munsiyari etc also see snowfall in winters if you wish to enjoy that.

Q3. Are Uttarakhand’s offbeat places safe for couples?

Yes, most offbeat spots in Uttarakhand are perfectly safe environments for couples with homestays and hotels open to hosting all guests. As with any new place, exercise reasonable precautions.

Q4. What kind of accommodation options do offbeat places have?

You’ll find comfortable hotels, eco resorts and homestays at most offbeat spots. However, do book well in advance as they have limited rooms, unlike mainstream destinations.

Q5. How to reach offbeat places in Uttarakhand?

Most places are quite well connected by road from the nearest railhead or airport, like Dehradun, Kathgodam or Pantnagar. You can either self-drive or hire a taxi.

Over to You

I hope this detailed guide to the top 10 offbeat destinations in Uttarakhand for couples helps you plan an idyllic romantic summer vacation this year. Make priceless memories exploring new places together as you escape the punishing city heat.

Let me know in comments if you need any help planning your offbeat Uttarakhand trip – will be glad to offer personalized recommendations!

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