Places to Visit in Uttarakhand: The Complete Travel Guide

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Are you planning to explorer places to Visit in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand, nestled in the majestic Himalayas, is a destination that has an allure like no other. Known for its unparalleled natural beauty, spiritual aura, and exciting adventures, Uttarakhand attracts travelers from all over the world. From popular hill stations like Mussoorie and Nainital to serene valleys like Munsiyari and ancient temples like Badrinath, chek uttarakhand map Uttarakhand is full of delightful places to explore. This comprehensive travel guide covers everything you need to know about the top places to visit in Uttarakhand, along with tips on the best time to go, how to get there, where to stay, and more. Get ready to plan your dream vacation to this Himalayan paradise!

Overview of Places to Visit in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand offers an incredibly diverse travel experience. Here are some of the top places and attractions you simply must include in your Uttarakhand itinerary:

Scenic Hill Stations

Uttarakhand’s hill stations like MussoorieNainitalLansdowneRanikhet, and more offer picture-perfect mountain and lake views. Enjoy colonial architecture, boating, trekking, shopping local markets, and just soaking in the charming hill station ambiance.

Spiritual Sites

The Char Dham – YamunotriGangotriKedarnath, and Badrinath – along with Rishikesh and Haridwar are significant Hindu pilgrimage sites. Take a Char Dham yatra to seek blessings and enjoy beautiful Himalayan vistas.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Jim Corbett National Park and other wilderness reserves like Rajaji National Park offer exciting wildlife spotting opportunities. Look out for tigers, elephants, and hundreds of exotic bird species as you explore lush forests and grasslands.

Adventure Activities

Rishikesh is the adventure capital of India thanks to its opportunities for white-water raftingbungee jumping, mountain biking, and more. You can also enjoy trekking in the Himalayasskiing in Auli, waterski, boating, floating mariana at tehri dam lake and more thrills.

Yoga & Meditation Retreats

Attending a yoga and meditation retreat in Rishikesh – the Yoga Capital of the World – is a life changing experience. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with yoga lessons, Ayurvedic spa therapies, and spiritual healing.

Offbeat Destinations

Venture into charming yet lesser-known towns and villages like ChoptaBinsarKausani, Chakrata, Dhanulti,  and beyond to experience the raw natural splendor of the region away from crowds.

With so much on offer, you’ll be spoiled for choice when planning your Uttarakhand itinerary. The best places to visit will depend on whether you want a peaceful retreat in nature, an action-packed adventure holiday, a spiritual journey, or a bit of everything!

Planning Your Trip to Uttarakhand

Careful planning and preparation ensures your Uttarakhand trip goes off without a hitch. Follow these tips for a smooth journey:

Best Time to Visit

  • Summer (March to June) brings pleasant weather ideal for sightseeing. Head to the hills to escape the summer heat. Watch out for summer crowds.
  • Monsoon (July to September) brings lush greenery but be prepared for rainfall. Valley of Flowers is at full bloom.
  • Autumn (October to November) has crystal clear skies and a nip in the air. Great for trekking. Avoid chaotic pilgrim rush seasons.
  • Winter (December to February) brings chilly weather and snowfall. Head to Auli or Munsiyari for snow sports. Pilgrimage routes close.


  • Air: Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the nearest international airport. Many domestic airports like Pithoragarh and Pantnagar also operate flights.
  • Rail: Haridwar and Rishikesh are major railway stations. Smaller hill towns are connected via toy trains.
  • Road: An extensive road network connects Uttarakhand. You can drive or take buses, shared cabs, and taxis.


  • Luxury resorts amidst nature offer premium amenities and services.
  • Mid-range hotels provide comfortable stays with decent facilities.
  • Budget guest houses and homestays give an authentic local experience.
  • Camping in the outdoors is popular in Corbett and Rishikesh.


  • Vegetarian cuisine with dairy products like milk and ghee. Try dishes like kafuli, aloo gutka, and more.
  • Packed meals on trekking routes. Carry your own supplies as options are limited.
  • Try local fruits and street food like chaat, churma, and baadi.

Safety Tips

  • Be cautious of altitude sickness if trekking or visiting higher altitude areas.
  • Carry necessary medications as medical facilities may be limited in remote regions.
  • Check weather reports and carry appropriate clothing and gear.
  • Ensure you have the right permits and paperwork for restricted areas.
  • Travel in a group or hire experienced local guides, especially for treks.

With some planning and preparation, you’re all set for an amazing trip to Uttarakhand filled with great experiences!

Top Places to Visit in Uttarakhand

Hill Stations


Mussoorie, the Queen of Hills, is easily among the most popular hill stations in Uttarakhand. Set atop a ridge overlooking the Doon Valley and Shivalik ranges, Mussoorie strikes the perfect balance between natural beauty and urban energy.

Top attractions include:

  • Soak in beautiful mountain panoramas from Gun Hill
  • Walk along bustling Mall Road lined by colonial structures
  • Enjoy boating on serene Mussoorie Lake
  • Ride up to the second highest peak, Lal Tibba
  • Spot exotic birdlife at Benog Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Take a heritage walk to Mossy Falls and Camel’s Back Road

With pleasant weather, vibrant cafes and restaurants, architectural sights, and stunning vistas all around, Mussoorie guarantees an unforgettable hill station holiday.


Nainital is another gem among Uttarakhand’s hill stations, famous for its pear-shaped glacial lake bordered by forested mountains. With an old-world colonial charm, boat rides on the Naini Lake, great eateries, and a lively Tibetan Market, Nainital makes for an ideal family holiday destination.

Top attractions are:

  • Boating on Naini Lake with views of the Naina Devi Temple
  • Cable car ride to Snow View Point for panoramas
  • Exploring quaint colonal architecture on Mall Road
  • Trekking to viewpoints like Tiffin Top and Lands End
  • Shopping at the bustling Tibetan Market and Bhotia Market
  • Wildlife spotting at Nainital Zoo and birdwatching at Pangot

With its picture postcard setting and plethora of activities, Nainital is undoubtedly among the most beautiful places in Uttarakhand.


Nestled in Pauri Garhwal district, the quaint cantonment town of Lansdowne boasts raw, untouched natural beauty. With thick oak and pine forests, fresh mountain air, and gorgeous snow-capped Himalayan views, Lansdowne is perfect for a quiet weekend getaway to rejuvenate amidst nature.

Top attractions include:

  • Jaw-dropping valley views from Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Tranquil walks through pine forests around Kalagarh Tiger Reserve
  • Exploring British era structures like St. Mary’s Church
  • Trekking and camping under starry skies in pristine wilderness
  • Spotting exotic birds at Bhulla Tal lake

Far removed from chaotic tourist crowds, L

ansdowne lets you experience the raw, untouched beauty of Uttarakhand at its finest.


Nestled in the picturesque Kumaon Hills, Almora is a delight for culture buffs and nature lovers alike. Boasting gorgeous Himalayan panoramas, dense pine and deodar forests, quaint handicrafts markets, and a rich cultural heritage, Almora promises a rejuvenating holiday.

Top attractions are:

  • Breathtaking mountain views from Bright End Corner and Zero Point
  • Immersing in culture at Chitai Golu Devta Temple and Nanda Devi Temple
  • Shopping colorful Kumaoni handicrafts and woolens
  • Photographing traditional Kumaoni houses with carved wooden doors and windows
  • Spotting exotic birds at Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

With its laidback charm, refreshing climate, and abundance of nature, Almora is the perfect place to unwind amidst the Himalayan beauty.


Flanked by lush green forests and blessed with invigorating mountain air, Ranikhet is among the greenest hill stations of Kumaon. Boasting mesmerizing views of the Himalayas and a relaxed unhurried pace, Ranikhet is ideal for family vacations or just escaping the city rush.

**Top attractions **include:

  • Panoramic views of the Himalayas from Chaubatia Orchards
  • Photographing the majestic oaks, pines, and deodars at Jhula Devi Temple
  • Spotting exotic bird species at Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Shopping for local utensils and woolens at the Sadar Bazaar
  • Paying homage at the historic Gurudwara

With its fresh mountain air, lush greenery, and laidback charm, Ranikhet is among the most rejuvenating hill stations in Uttarakhand.

Spiritual Sites


Known as the Yoga Capital of the WorldRishikesh sits on the banks of the holy River Ganges and is considered one of the holiest cities of India. Beyond its immense spiritual significance, Rishikesh is also popular as a center for yogameditation, and adventure sports.

Top attractions are:

  • River rafting on the thrilling rapids of the Ganges
  • Attending yoga and meditation sessions at ashrams
  • Witnessing the evening Ganga Aarti ceremony at Triveni Ghat or Parmarth Niketan
  • Learning about Hindu rituals and prayers at temples like Neelkanth Mahadev
  • Getting an adrenaline rush at attractions like Lakshman Jhula and the waterslides in Ram Jhula
  • Exploring street side cafes and happening bars along the river bank

Blending deep spiritualism with adrenaline-fueled adventures, Rishikesh offers a truly unique experience.


One of the oldest living cities in the world, Haridwar is considered one of the seven holiest places for Hindus. Situated along the banks of River Ganges, Haridwar comes alive with thousands of pilgrims during Kavad Yatra and the iconic Kumbh Mela that happens once every 12 years.

Top attractions include:

  • A holy dip at Hari ki Pauri ghat with the stunning Ganges backdrop
  • Attending the spectacular evening Ganga aarti
  • Bargaining at the bustling Mathura Road and Moti Bazaar
  • Paying homage at ancient temples like Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi
  • People watching and shopping at the vibrant Har Ki Pauri market

With its spiritual essence, vibrant rituals, and timeless charm, Haridwar is a must-visit place for the religiously inclined.

Char Dham Yatra

The legendary Char Dham pilgrimage takes you to YamunotriGangotriKedarnath, and Badrinath – four abodes of the Hindu deities spread across Garhwal Himalayas. Considered one of the most sacred pilgrimages for Hindus, the Char Dham Yatra is as demanding physically as it is spiritually rewarding.

Attractions along the route include:

  • Yamunotri Temple – the source of River Yamuna
  • Gangotri Temple – origin of the River Ganges
  • Kedarnath Temple – a 1200 year old shrine near Chorabari Glacier
  • Badrinath Temple – dedicated to Lord Vishnu, near the River Alaknanda

The Char Dham Yatra takes you to breathtaking Himalayan locations while allowing you to connect spiritually. Bucket list experience for devotees!

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Jim Corbett National Park

India’s first national park named after the legendary hunter turned conservationist Jim Corbett, the Jim Corbett National Park is among the most popular tiger reserves in the country. Set amidst the lush forests of the Patli Dun valley, it offers thrilling safaris to spot Royal Bengal Tigers and other exotic wildlife.

Attractions are:

  • Safaris through various zones to spot tigerselephants, and 500+ bird species
  • Staying at jungle lodges and resorts for an immersive wilderness experience
  • Learning about conservation efforts at the Jim Corbett Museum
  • Spotting crocodiles and gharials in the Ramganga river
  • Capturing the breathtaking natural beauty of the Himalayan foothills

With its rich biodiversity and excellent sightings, Jim Corbett National Park is a haven for wildlife and nature enthusiasts.

Rajaji National Park

Spread across 820 sq. km, Rajaji National Park is an expansive tiger reserve encompassing the Shivalik Ranges and riverine ecosystems. Along with tigers, it is home to elephantsleopardsmonkeys, and 250+ bird species. The park is named after freedom fighter C. Rajagopalachari.

Attractions are:

  • Safari rides through lush valleys and grasslands spotting diverse wildlife
  • Staying in rustic forest rest houses and jungle camps
  • Exploring the Chilla and Motichur ranges for the best sightings
  • Learning about conservation at the Visitor Information Centre
  • Capturing the Shivalik landscape and spotting migratory birds

Rajaji National Park offers an excellent wilderness experience amidst the scenic Shivalik foothills.

Adventure Activities


Dubbed the adventure sports capital of IndiaRishikesh offers thrill seekers plenty of action. Surrounded by hills and cut through by the ferocious Ganges river, Rishikesh provides the perfect natural setting for all sorts of adrenaline-pumping activities.

Top adventure activities are:

  • White water rafting on Grade III and IV rapids of the Ganges
  • Bungee jumping from a 83m high platform at Mohanchatti
  • Camping and cliff jumping by the riverside camps
  • Mountain biking on off-road trails with scenic valley views
  • Trekking to Neer Garh waterfall and other forested spots nearby
  • Kayaking, canoeing, and boat rides on the calmer upper Ganges stretch
  • Rock climbing at sites like Lakshman Jhula and the Chaurasi Kutia cliffs

Rishikesh lets you test your limits and conquer your fears with its array of extreme adventure sports. Get that adrenaline pumping!


Auli is Uttarakhand’s premier destination for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. Set amidst snow-clad Himalayan peaks, the gentle slopes of Auli make it perfect for beginners as well as experts.

Top attractions are:

  • Skiing and snowboarding courses at the ITBP’s Mountaineering and Skiing Institute 
  • The thrilling 500m ski slope with gradients suitable for different skill levels
  • 360 degree Himalayan views while riding the Asia’s longest cable car
  • Snow-tubing, sledding, snowmobiles, and other rides at the snow parks
  • Evening bonfires, dancing, and apres ski amidst the snowy landscape

For an adventurous winter holiday unlike any other, hit the slopes at Auli!


Largely off the tourist radar, Chopta is a hub for adventure and nature lovers. Surrounded by dense forests and blessed with towering Himalayan peaks, Chopta serves as a base for trekking, birdwatching, and camping adventures.

Attractions include:

  • Treks to Tungnath Temple, one of the Panch Kedar shrines
  • Summiting Chandrashila Peak for views of Nanda Devi and Trishul
  • Camping under starlit skies by the roaring Devariya river
  • Birdwatching around Ukimath, counting over 300 species
  • Photographing rare Himalayan flora and fauna

With its raw natural beauty and rustic charm, Chopta lets you experience the region’s wild side. Come here for an offbeat outdoor adventure!

Yoga & Meditation Retreats


With its spiritual ambiance and numerous ashramsRishikesh has become the world’s yoga capital. Attending a yoga teacher training course or just a spiritual retreat here will rejuvenate your soul and calm your mind.

Top places to practice yoga and meditation are:

  • Traditional ashrams like Parmarth NiketanSivananda, and Patanjali International Yoga Foundation
  • Omkarananda Ganga Sadan – also has International Guest House accomodation
  • Anand Prakash Ashram offering yoga, ayurveda, meditation, and satsangs
  • Aloha On The Ganges with drop-in yoga classes, healing courses, and luxury riverside stays
  • Secluded forest retreats like Anand Dham and Phool Chatti Ashram

Reconnect with your spiritual side through the transformative power of yoga in serene Rishikesh. You’ll return home feeling renewed!

Offbeat Destinations


Lesser known than mainstream hill stations, Chopta is an offbeat destination offering rustic experiences in raw untouched nature. With sweeping Himalayan vistas, charming local villages, and exciting outdoor adventures, Chopta promises travelers looking to go off the beaten track a memorable time.

Attractions to enjoy here are:

  • Summiting Tungnath Temple, one of the Panch Kedar shrines
  • Birdwatching around Ukimath to spot over 300 species
  • Photography tours of endemic Himalayan flora and fauna
  • Camping under starlit skies by the gushing Devariya River
  • Interacting with locals and staying in village homestays

Surrounded by dense deodar and pine forests, Chopta lets you experience Uttarakhand’s raw wilderness and culture.


Tucked away in the remote Kumaon region, Munsiyari is a peaceful Himalayan hamlet with breathtaking mountain vistas. Serving as the gateway to majestic Panchchuli and Nanda Devi peaks, Munsiyari delights trekkers, nature lovers, and photographers.

Attractions here are:

  • Trekking through Bugyals and mountain passes like Khalti and Chhipla Khar
  • Be awestruck by panoramic views of the Panchchuli peaks
  • Visit historic temples like Nanda Devi and Shikhar Devi
  • Click postcard-perfect photos of the Himalayan landscape
  • Interact and stay with welcoming locals in village homestays

For an off-the-grid Himalayan holiday, head to the magical mountain village of Munsiyari!


Overlooking breathtaking 300km wide mountain views, Kausani is an offbeat hill station ideal for travelers seeking solitude and nature. Known for its unpolluted environment and magnificent sunrise views over the Himalayan range, Kausani promises peace and tranquility.

Top attractions are:

  • Witness spectacular sunrises over the Himalayan peaks
  • Visit Anashakti Ashram where Mahatma Gandhi spent time
  • Trek through Pine and Deodar forests surrounding the town
  • Explore local Kumaoni handicrafts like shawls and woodcarvings
  • Relax in the tranquil surroundings and enjoy the slow-paced lifestyle

For panoramic Himalayan views in a serene untouched setting, make your way to Kausani!

Travel Tips for Visiting Uttarakhand

Keep these tips in mind for a smooth, enjoyable trip:

  • Prepare for unpredictable mountain weather – carry warm and waterproof clothing.
  • Altitude sickness can affect some travelers. Ascend gradually and rest properly.
  • Respect local traditions and dress modestly when visiting temples and villages.
  • Avoid plastic and dispose waste responsibly to protect the fragile mountain ecology.
  • Travel with a guide when trekking or doing adventure sports. Know your physical limits.
  • Carry essential medicines as healthcare facilities are limited in remote regions.
  • Apply for required permits well in advance when visiting restricted areas.
  • Travel in groups and avoid wandering alone in forests or remote areas.
  • Carry identity proofs and book homestays and hotels in advance during peak seasons.

When to Visit Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand’s weather varies with altitude and is subject to seasonal changes. Here’s an overview of the best times for different destinations and experiences:

  • March – June: Pleasant weather before monsoons. Good for sightseeing. Hill stations get crowded.
  • July – September: Monsoon season. Heavy rainfall especially in lower regions. Valley of Flowers in full bloom.
  • October – November: Post monsoon months with clear blue skies. Best season for trekking.
  • December – February: Coldest months with snowfall in higher altitudes. Ideal for skiing in Auli. Pilgrim routes close.
  • April and May: Avoid as temperatures get uncomfortably hot in lower regions before summer sets in.

How to Reach Uttarakhand

Reaching Uttarakhand is easy with wide connectivity options:

By Air

Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the nearest international airport. There are domestic airports in Pantnagar, Pithoragarh, and Naini Saini as well.

By Rail

Major railway stations are at Haridwar, Dehradun, and Rishikesh for Garhwal & Rudrpur, Haldwani, Kathgodam for Kumoun well connected to Delhi and other metros. Smaller hill towns in garhwal will be accessible very soon in near future after completng Rishikesh Karnprayag Railway Project.

By Road

An extensive road network connects Uttarakhand. Buses, shared cabs, private taxis, and personal vehicles can be hired.

Getting Around Uttarakhand

Traveling within the state is convenient:

  • Buses: Uttarakhand Transport Corporation buses connect major towns.
  • Taxis: Private taxis can be hired for intra-city and inter-city travel. Share taxis ply on fixed routes.
  • Auto-rickshaws: Good for short distances within cities.
  • Train: The Nilgiri Mountain Railways is a UNESCO site. Toy trains operate between smaller towns.
  • Cable Cars: Ropeways like Auli operate in several hill stations.

Where to Stay in Uttarakhand

Luxury Stays

Taj and Oberoi hotels, wilderness lodges in national parks, and premium wellness resorts offer 5-star luxury stays. Top luxury options are:

  • Ananda Spa Resort, Rishikesh
  • Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambhore
  • The Roseate Ganges, Rishikesh
  • The Kumaon, Nainital
  • The Savoy, Mussoorie

Mid-Range Stays

Quality 3 and 4 star hotels providing excellent comfort and facilities at moderate prices:

  • EllBee Hotel, Pantnagar
  • Hotel Himdarshan, Mukteshwar
  • Hotel Vyom Palace, Dehradun
  • Hotel Alpine Club, Auli
  • Noori Mahal Palace, Ranikhet

Budget Stays

Economy lodges, homestays, and backpacker hostels for the budget conscious:

  • Zostel, Rishikesh
  • Hotel City Heart, Haridwar
  • **Hotel Rel

ax Inn**, Almora

  • Conifer Woods, Ranikhet
  • BunkMates Hostel, Mussoorie

Unique Stays

For memorable offbeat stays, consider:

  • Jungle safari lodges in Corbett National Park
  • Mountain campsites in Dhanaulti and Rishikesh
  • Treehouse stays in camps like Vanghat and Moondance
  • Farmhouse stays for agri-tourism experiences
  • Village homestays for authentic local culture

Best Places to Eat in Uttarakhand

Beyond basic vegetarian fare of Indian breads and rice, lentils, and veggies, look out for these Uttarakhand specialties:

Classic Kumaoni & Garhwali Cuisine

  • Kafuli – Spinach curry tempered with coconut
  • Aloo Ke Gutke – Potatoes cooked dry with coriander and chili
  • Bhaang Ki Chutney – Hemp leaf chutney
  • Rus – Sattu mixed with mustard oil and herbs
  • DubukBedu – Fried local greens
  • Phaanu – Lentil dumplings in yogurt

Snacks & Street Food

  • Singori – Sweet coconut and khoya dumplings wrapped in maalu leaves
  • Bal Mithai – Fudge-like sweet made from condensed milk
  • Baadi – Savory lentil balls
  • Chudkani – Flour dumplings in spicy mint chutney
  • Jhangora ki Kheer – Dessert made of barnyard millet


  • Buransh Juice – Made from wild Himalayan rhododendrons
  • ChaansLassi – Buttermilk
  • Rus/Kaapa – Drink made of sattu powder and spices

Where to Eat

Beyond restaurant fare, also try:

  • Street food like samosas, chaat, choola, bun tikki, noodals, maggi
  • Tibetan momosthukpas in hill towns
  • Local cuisine in village homestays
  • Fruit orchards – enjoy fresh apricots, peaches, apples!

Festivals and Events in Uttarakhand

Experience Uttarakhand’s rich living heritage by timing your visit with these vibrant festivals:

  • International Yoga Festival, Rishikesh: March
  • Harela Festival: Greenery festival in Kumaon: March/April
  • Ganga Dussehra, Rishikesh: Worshipping River Ganga: May/June
  • Kandali Festival: Celebrating Kumaoni culture: July
  • Janopunyu: Change of sacred thread by Brahmins: July
  • Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra: Celebrating Nanda Devi deity: August
  • Phool Dei: Marking start of spring: March
  • Magh Mela: Large spiritual fair, Uttarkashi: Jan/Feb
  • Shravan Mela: Large spiritual fair, Deoprayag: July/August
  • Hill Jatra: Celebrating agricultural productivity: September
  • Ghee Sankranti: New Year festivities: April
  • Ramman: Passion play honoring Lord Rama: April

Safety Tips for Visiting Uttarakhand

  • Keep emergency numbers handy – ambulance, police, doctors
  • Obtain required permits and registrations to access restricted areas
  • Carry needed medications, first aid kit, mosquito/insect repellent
  • Follow COVID-19 safety protocols; carry masks, sanitizers, maintain distance
  • Keep cash handy; ATMs may have limited presence in smaller towns
  • Check for disaster preparedness steps at your accommodation
  • Avoid trekking or driving alone; hire local guides where needed
  • Don’t bathe in rivers; avoid eating uncooked foods
  • Protect yourself from altitude sickness and dehydration
  • Follow all instructions when rafting or doing adventure sports
  • Respect local culture traditions; ask permission before photographing locals

Responsible Travel in Uttarakhand

You can travel responsibly in Uttarakhand by:

  • Reducing plastic waste; carry reusable bottles, bags, straws
  • Supporting local businesses, buying handicrafts, staying in homestays
  • Conserving resources like water; avoid wasting food
  • Volunteering with NGOs working for community development
  • Avoiding harsh chemicals; choosing eco-friendly toiletries
  • Following responsible trekking and camping practices
  • Not disrupting locals’ daily routines, privacy, or livestock
  • Seeking permission before photographing local people
  • Disposing waste properly, leaving sites cleaner than you found them

Photography in Uttarakhand

With its majestic Himalayan peaks, serene lakes, lush forests, and quaint towns, Uttarakhand is a photographer’s paradise.

Tips to get great shots:

  • Rise early for sunrise views over the mountains
  • Use ND filters and grad filters to balance exposure
  • Use manual mode and hyperfocal distance for landscape shots
  • Carry wide angle and zoom lenses to capture landscapes and details
  • Use a tripod and remote trigger to avoid blurring long exposures
  • Use flash cautiously to avoid disturbing wildlife
  • Learn basic Hindi phrases to interact with friendly locals

So pack your camera gear, respect local sentiments, and get ready to capture incredible memories in Uttarakhand!

Souvenirs To Bring Back from Uttarakhand

  • Pashmina shawls: Made from fine cashmere wool
  • Woodcraft: Statues of deities, decorative boxes
  • Woolens: Sweaters, socks, gloves of lambswool
  • Spices: Garam masala, chili powder, turmeric
  • Tea: Oolong, green tea, herbal tea, berinag orthodex tea.
  • Natural oils: Jasmine, cedar, sandalwood
  • Handicrafts: Decorative wall hangings
  • Jewelry: Beaded bracelets, metal rings
  • Incense sticks and cones
  • Himalayan Salt products like lamps, candle holders
  • Prayer bellsprayer wheels
  • Singhade ka Atta: Chestnut flour used in Kumaoni cuisine
  • Local Grains: Millets & Organic Food Items.
  • Bekery Items: Dehradun Bekery Items Rusk,Buns,Candies are famous for its cripy and crunchy ness.

Learn Some Basic Hindi for Your Trip


Namaste – Hello

Aadaab – Hello (more formal)

Kaise ho? – How are you?

Common Phrases

Haan – Yes

Nahi – No

Shukriya – Thank you

Kripya karke – Please

Pani – Water

Khana – Food

Chai – Tea

Aapka naam kya hai? – What is your name?

Kitne rupaye? – How much?


Aage – Straight

Peeche – Back

Dahi taraf – Right side

Baayi taraf – Left side

Uttarakhand Travel Vlogs on YouTube

  • The Nanda Devi Affair by Bill Aitken – Story of the CIA mission on Nanda Devi
  • Wild Himalaya by Stephen Alter – Essays on the region’s wilderness
  • Kumaon Himalayas by Jim Corbett
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