Capturing Everlasting Love: A Guide to the Top Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Dehradun

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Pre-wedding photoshoots have become an integral part of Indian weddings over the last decade. Couples are eager to have stunning photographs taken at exotic locations that capture their unique love story. Dehradun, the picturesque capital of Uttarakhand, has emerged as one of the most sought-after destinations for pre-wedding photography.

Known for its gorgeous natural landscapes, pleasant weather, and rich cultural heritage, Dehradun offers an idyllic setting to create romantic and breathtaking pre-wedding images. The destination provides a diverse range of backdrops to suit different aesthetics and budgets. From lush forests and gushing waterfalls, to ancient temples and charming colonial architecture, couples are spoilt for choice.

This comprehensive guide explores the top pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Dehradun that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Why Choose Dehradun for Pre-Wedding Photoshoots?

Before delving into the list of top photoshoot spots, let’s understand what makes Dehradun an ideal destination for pre-wedding photography:

  • Scenic Natural Beauty – Dehradun is nestled in the Doon valley surrounded by the Himalayas on one side and the Shivalik mountain range on the other. It boasts stunning natural vistas including winding rivers, verdant valleys, dense forests dotted with lakes, and cascading waterfalls. These incredibly photogenic landscapes allow capturing romantic and dramatic images.
  • Pleasant Weather – The pleasant weather in Dehradun makes it perfect for outdoor photoshoots throughout the year barring the monsoon season. The temperatures remain moderate, ranging between 35-25 degree Celsius in summers and 15-5 degree Celsius in winters. The best time for pre-wedding shoots is from October to June.
  • Diverse Shooting Locations – Dehradun offers a variety of locations – heritage sites, temples, forests, waterfalls, lakes, etc. Couples can choose from rustic outdoor settings as well as contemporary urban backdrops.
  • ** Adventure Activities** – For adrenaline junkies, Dehradun allows incorporating adventurous activities like paragliding, rafting, camping, cycling, etc. during the photoshoot for amazing candid pictures.
  • Accessibility – Well connected by air, rail and road, Dehradun is easily accessible for couples across India.
  • Vibrant Local Culture – As the gateway to Garhwal region, Dehradun gives a taste of Uttarakhand’s art, craft, cuisine and cultural heritage. Couples can experiment with unique concepts incorporating local elements.
  • Professional Photographers – Availability of talented local photographers well acquainted with best locales and lighting conditions.
  • Accommodation Options – Dehradun has hotels/resorts for every budget from luxury to budget-friendly.

An Overview of Top Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Spots in Dehradun

Dehradun offers picturesque locations for pre-wedding shoots to suit diverse preferences. Here’s a quick snapshot of the top recommended spots:

In Dehradun City:

  • Robber’s Cave – Dramatic limestone cave with river flowing through it
  • Sahastradhara – Stunning sulphur springs and waterfalls
  • Forest Research Institute – Iconic colonial architecture
  • Tibetan Market – Vibrant local culture and cuisine
  • Paltan Bazaar – Charming old market with clock tower

Around Dehradun:

  • Malsi Deer Park – Scenic wildlife location
  • Lachhiwala – Picturesque nature and adventure spot
  • Rajaji National Park – Lush green tropical forest
  • Asan Barrage – Magnificent wetland bird sanctuary
  • Tapkeshwar Temple – Ancient shrine in a serene setting

Nearby Hill Stations:

  • Mussoorie – Queen of the Hills
  • Dhanaulti – Quiet and pristine hill station
  • Rishikesh – Yoga capital beside the Ganges
  • Haridwar – Holy city with mystic Ganga aarti

Now let’s look at Dehradun’s top pre-wedding photoshoot locations in detail:

Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations Within Dehradun

Dehradun city itself boasts many excellent spots for pre-wedding photoshoots owing to its picturesque locales, cool climate, and easy access. Here are the top recommended options:

1. Robber’s Cave

Also called Guchhupani, Robber’s Cave is a unique natural site located just 8 km from Dehradun. This 600 meters long river cave formation has a limestone rock cave through which a stream flows.

The cold river water, dark cave ambience, and natural lighting create dramatic effects perfect for romantic couple photographs. The best time to visit is summer when you can take playful pictures splashing in the ankle-deep water running through the cave or walking carefully along the slippery rocks.

With its unusual setting enveloped in legend and folklore, Robber’s Cave makes for an unconventional pre-wedding photoshoot location for bold couples.

2. Sahastradhara

A famous local picnic spot, Sahastradhara is situated 11 km from Dehradun on the way to Mussoorie. The term ‘Sahastradhara’ means ‘thousand fold spring’ referring to the myriad sulphur springs emerging from the hillsides and forming cascading waterfalls.

The sulfur springs are believed to have medicinal value and flow into a number of cascading waterfalls and pools. The lush green surroundings dotted with caves, the jungle backdrop, and revitalizing cool air create a rejuvenating ambience for romantic photographs.

Couples can capture playful moments seated on the rocks or under the waterfall. The recently renovated nine-storied step well and ropes course add more options for fun couple pictures. Sahastradhara offers a laidback option away from the crowds.

3. Forest Research Institute

The sprawling campus of Forest Research Institute (FRI) is one of most popular tourist attractions in Dehradun. Its iconic colonial architecture and greenery resemble elite universities in England, giving it the nickname of “Oxford of the East”.

The famous Raj-style structures filmed in several Bollywood movies like Mohabbatein provide a regal backdrop for couple photos. The campus offers meticulously manicured lush lawns, arches festooned with bougainvillea, imposing façades with columns and balconies, and a sparkling canal running through.

Couples can explore the best scenery around the main building, take romantic strolls down wooded paths, and capture dreamy frames on the hanging bridge. For pre-wedding photoshoot, ensure you get prior permission from the FRI administration.

4. Buddha Temple

Tucked away in the peaceful environs of Clement Town lies this beautiful Japanese style Buddhist temple, which offers a unique venue for pre-wedding photos. The temple features colorful prayer flags, large golden Buddha idols, and tranquil manicured gardens.

Against the backdrop of mountains and green fields, couples can get creative shots of lighting incense, offering prayers, and seeking blessings together at the altar – capturing both culture and candid moments. The muted interiors illuminated with lamp light create a meditative ambience.

Buddha Temple exemplifies the spiritual devotional theme and brings good fortune to your new journey together.

5. Paltan Bazaar

For couples looking to incorporate Dehradun’s local ethos, the bustling Paltan Bazaar provides a vibrant photogenic setting. The chaotic narrow lanes are dotted with colorful shops selling flowers, spices, fruits, and handicrafts.

The market’s charm lies in soaking up the energetic atmosphere and capturing snapshots of daily life – smiling flower vendors, weaving through crowded alleys, trying out street food. The 19th century Clock Tower with its towering height overlooking the market is a prime spot for couple portraits.

Paltan Bazaar adds intrigue, spontaneity, and cultural flair to your pre-wedding photographs. The best time for shooting is early morning.

Bonus Urban Spots

Rajpur Road – Tree-lined street with upscale cafes

EC Road – Modern youthful backdrop with malls

Tibetan Market – Colourful handicrafts and traditional architecture

Tapovan – People performing aarti on the banks of Ganga

Top Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations on Dehradun’s

Top Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations on Dehradun’s Outskirts

Dehradun’s surroundings dotted with lush parks, adventure spots, and heritage sites also boast excellent pre-wedding photography opportunities. Here are some top picks within an hour’s drive from Dehradun city:

1. Malsi Deer Park

Located just 10 km north of Dehradun, this zoological park provides a scenic wildlife backdrop for couples fond of nature. Set amidst the Shivalik mountains, it is home to endangered deer species like sambar and chital as well as peacocks, rabbits, and ostriches roaming freely in natural habitat.

Couples can capture candid moments while feasting their eyes on these graceful creatures. Early mornings are best for photographing the animals against the sunrise. A telescope can help get close-up shots. This is an offbeat outdoorsy theme for pre-wedding photos.

2. Lachhiwala

Nature lovers will delight in this quaint scenic spot situated 22 km from Dehradun alongside a tributary of the Ganges. Surrounded by Sal forests and tranquil meadows, it’s a photographer’s paradise.

The main highlight is a suspension bridge offering spectacular views of the flowing river amidst lush greenery. Couples can experiment with fun poses on the bridge or capture romantic walking shots in the verdant forests and fields. Early morning golden light creates magical backgrounds.

Lachhiwala also offers opportunities for boating and picnicking – allowing inclusion of candid moments into the pre-wedding shoot.

3. Asan Barrage

Birdwatching enthusiasts will love a photoshoot at Asan Barrage – a wetland area along the Yamuna river on the outskirts of Dehradun. Over 300 species of native and migratory birds flock here, providing a colorful lively backdrop.

Asan Barrage makes for a unique outdoor pre-wedding theme. Couples can request the photographer to capture ornithology moments like bird-spotting through binoculars or feeding the ducks while stealing romantic moments amidst nature.

The site is extremely photogenic during sunrises when flocks of birds swarm the wetlands against a pink and golden sky.

4. Tapkeshwar Temple

This ancient cave shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated on the banks of a stream in the Garhi Cantt area near Dehradun. The temple’s natural cave-like architecture with water dripping from the ceiling adds intrigue and spirituality to couple portraits against the moody interiors.

The soothing sound of water flowing over the Shivlinga and verdant surroundings create an air of tranquility and devotion. Couples can express spiritual connection through architecture and nature’s elements at this offbeat temple site.

5. Rajaji National Park

For an adventurous jungle safari theme, head to magnificent Rajaji National Park – home to tigers, elephants, leopards in natural habitat. A morning open jeep jungle ride through the picturesque reserve filled with Sal trees offers sights of wildlife.

Capture candid shots of couples holding hands, gazing into the wilderness, and admiring majestic animals from afar. The lush tropical forests, expansive grasslands, and river valleys provide dynamic outdoor backdrops. This is an unconventional way to embrace your inner wild side!

Dreamy Hill Stations Near Dehradun

Dehradun is also conveniently located close to gorgeous hill stations like Mussoorie, Dhanaulti, Rishikesh, and Haridwar. These charming mountain escapes lend themselves beautifully to pre-wedding photography.

1. Mussoorie

Nestled amidst the Garhwal Himalayan ranges, Mussoorie is the most popular hill station near Dehradun known as the ‘Queen of Hills’. Its green mountainous beauty presents countless breathtaking vistas.

Key highlights for pre-wedding shoots include Kempty Falls surrounded by verdant cliffs, Mussoorie Lake’s emerald blue waters with a floating restaurant, and Gun Hill viewpoint for majestic Himalayan panoramas.

The vibrant hill town also offers colorful local culture at the Tibetan Market and British architecture on Mall Road framed against stunning Doon valley views.

2. Dhanaulti

Dhanaulti’s pristine environs with Dense Deodar forests, picturesque villages, and fruit orchards provide a quaint backdrop steeped in tranquility. Known for its quieter setting and fewer tourists, it allows focus on its scenic natural splendor.

The heavily wooded rolling slopes look especially beautiful during sunrises and sunsets. Couples can capture the golden light filtering through the trees. Eco Park filled with flowers and towering trees offers fairytale settings.

3. Rishikesh

The adventure capital by the banks of River Ganges needs no introduction. Rishikesh lends itself to adrenaline-fueled photography at scenic spots like Ram Jhula and Lakshman Jhula suspension bridges with river rafting, Triveni Ghat, and Neelkanth Mahadev Temple.

The aesthetic Beatles Ashram with graffitied walls amidst forested ruins perfectly captures Rishikesh’s hippie vibe. For more serenity, Kunjapuri Temple set against the Himalayas is ideal. Rishikesh provides a blend of nature, adventure, and spiritual flavor.

4. Haridwar

Consider incorporating Haridwar into the itinerary for blessing the pre-wedding journey with a spiritual flavor. Har Ki Pauri ghat during the evening aarti when the Ganga comes alive with floating diyas and chanting creates a powerful backdrop blessed by the elements.

The rituals exemplify Hindu mythology and astrology associated with auspicious timing for marriages. Couples can express their pious bonds and unity of their diverse faiths coming together through this profoundly moving experience.

Tying the Knot Amidst Dehradun’s Picturesque Allure

Dehradun provides an impressive range of idyllic backdrops suiting diverse preferences – from verdant valleys, gushing rivers, spiritual sites, misty mountains, and charming hill towns.

The destination offers laidback nature settings as well as adrenaline-pumping adventure. Couples can choose locales that align with their individuality – whether reflecting their playful, spiritual, or fearless sides.

With pleasant weather almost year-round, abundance of talented photographers, and great accessibility from major metros, Dehradun has emerged as a sought-after destination for pre-wedding photoshoots.

Its gorgeous landscapes promise to make your photoshoot a fun-filled and memorable experience. The evocative frames will capture your unique love story in the most vibrant, romantic setting – keeping the precious moments alive forever!

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