Talking to Colonel Inder Singh Rawat and listening to History

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  1. 7.     True Warriors at the battlefield, who might have gone unrecognized or were not given their due for their valour.

In very rare cases a true warrior may go unrecognized but generally it is not so.

  1. 8.  Freedom movement in India and the mind of the Indian soldiers.

Every Indian soldier wished freedom but he would not and cannot rebel nor expected of them unless situation is so favourable.

 Neither British nor Indian officers had to think or do anything about freedom movement.

  1. Opinion/comment on India China War of 1962. Chinese soldiers in personality, training, weaponry, tactics, etc. Indian disadvantage at the war.

 They were like herd and not well trained professionally like Indian soldiers. It was not the Indian army which was defeated, rather humiliated, but it was the government of India which was defeated and humiliated. In short, in February 1959, General Thimaya informed PM that China was making preparation to wage war against India but the PM did not heed to the warning. Then in 1962, Chinese army ran over the Dhola Post and the army informed the PM about it. The PM ordered the army to throw the Chinese from the Dhola post without consulting or taking advise from the army or making administrative or strategic planning. The Indian troops were sent/marched upto Bombdila, Sela and Tewang in present Arunanchal Pradesh at a height of 13000 feet with summer clothings. There was no administrative support from behind and in some cases jawans threw their heavy equipment, including bullets, weapon magazines, etc. For details we have to wait for General Henderson Brook report is based on the Indo-Chinese war of 1962, but the report is yet to be made public.


  1. 10. Some more details on the 4th Garhwal in 1962 War. The command and role of officers at that war. Life in Chinese prisoner’s camp, as told by the soldiers.

In 1962 operations, it was only 4th Garhwal rifles, which won 2 MVC, 7 VrC, 1 Sena medal and few mentioned in dispatches. Lt.General B.M.Kaul in his book, “Untold Story” wrote that,… had the 4 corps under his command and 4 division fought as good as 4th Garhwal, I would have no opportunity to write this book.

In the Chinese prison camp, the Chinese wanted to create disrespect and disloyalty between Garhwali officers and jawans but they failed miserably. The Chinese used to give meat to jawans and not to the officers but our jawans instead gave their share of the meat to the officers.

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