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The Dhakar System:

Due to lack of roads and transport, a system called Dhakar came into being. This was the system whereby essential goods and groceries were procured from the foothill towns of Ramnagar and Kotdwar by village men on foot. As there were no roads and transportation was a problem, able bodied men in groups went to these town to get their provisions. The main items were Salt, gur-sugar, cloth and some agricultural implements. In summer months it took about 9 days while in winters it took about 18 days. These dhakaris took their ration for the journey. Some ration was left on the journey route villages for the return journey. The villages enroute helped the Dhakaris in preparing their meals and assisted for night stay and resting.  This was tough task and the first timer Dhakaris were also made fun off by the older members.

Migration of Youth

Till the 1940s. the men came back to his village after retirement and in post independent period people started settling in the foothills and plains.  The primary reason was lack of employment opportunities. This has led to reducing population in the hills and increasing populations in the plains. This has already shown its impact on the state assembly delimitation were number of assembly seats in the hills have been reduced. This also has impact on important issues like state capital whether Dehradun or Gairsain.

In a hill state geographical area should also be considered while demarking assembly area and not just populations. This should be taken up at political level by the state chief ministers and parliamentarians from the state. Due to geographical conditions, poor transport and communication, a MLA or a official take more time to visit his area and do the needful.

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