Thaipusum festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kusum Tewari

The Thaipusum festivals is a major festival celebrated by South Indian in Malaysia. Thaipusum, the month of “Thai”, the tenth month, which is very important in the Tamil calander. It falls sometimes in the fourth week of January.

On Thaipusum, the full moon is in transit through the brightest star, Pusum in the zodiacal sign of cancer. The festival commemorates the birthday of :Lord Murugum.314_NpAdvMainFea

The Batu caves in Capital Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia is the focal point for Thaipusum festival. The Kavadis are carried in fulfillment of vows and pledges taken in devotion to lord Subramanium. A day of penance and to spiritually cleanse themselves. Skewers fasterned metal hooks, spikes, trident/trishul pierced through body, skin, cheeks, tongue, all over the body. In Kuala Lumpur, Hindus carry the Kavadi, making annual pilgrimage to batu cave temple, where kavadi is carried upto the 272 steps to the enter the great cave and deposit the same at the feet of the deity.

Pilgrims entering the Subramanium temple in Batu Caves, after climbing 272 steps. In  the foreground is the statue of Lord Murugam, measuring 42.7 Meters.

The photos taken on 23 January 2008



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