The Neglected Adolescent : Uttarakhand

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The migratory trends and settlement pattern in the state of Uttarakhand has not changed despite the creation of the new state. The emerging nuclear families, changing support system and new occupational patterns are changing the values, beliefs and relationships. All these are influencing the behaviour and adjustment of the nuclear family and hence also changing the values and expectations of adolescents. The Adolescents are concerned on matters related to their physical growth and sexuality and confused on career paths. This is the time when efforts need to be put into guidance and grooming to have a better citizen for tomorrow. While some efforts are being made through programme on adolescent health, the state of Uttarakhand needs to initiate life skills trainings, awareness on nutrition and career counseling at school level. A supportive family environment is necessary in the development of adolescent competence and their well being. Indian adolescents, like their peers in other parts of the world face similar problems, viz. juvenile delinquency, alcohol and drug abuse, school dropout and low educational attainment, family violence, physical and sexual abuse, etc. In addition to the above issues, the matter associated with poverty, disease, unhealthy environment, lack of vocational training and employment opportunities both amongst urban and rural adolescents compounds the problem. The major influencers of adolescents have been television, advertisements and Hindi movies. Looking at the children television shows, it seems that Indian adolescent have become so conscious of their looks, behaviour, dress and ambitions, that they have lost their childhood dreams and fantasies, though cartoon channels are still popular. It is well known that the role model influences the behaviour of adolescent. Adolescent embed value system and goal formulation on the basis of whom they consider a role model. Some role models inspire them to achieve set goals and motivate them to behave in a set pattern in the society. It is sad to know that in India film star and cricketers are major role models for many adolescent and today we don’t have scientist, industrialist, social activist and or a political leader as a role model, though many may have commanded respect from the society. Today with technological advancements and increasing consumerism, the value system and lifestyles is changing in Indian society and our adolescent is also changing in their tastes and aspirations. It is hoped that globalization will provide opportunities for many educational and career options for adolescents in coming years. The traditional Indian society still persists with gender divide and social factors still influences choice of occupations, life partners and age at marriage.

However the intergenerational conflicts may not be a major problem in the now emerging Indian society. What is needed is that, we gear up for the changes required in the skill profile of our adolescent through educational and technical trainings, so that in the coming years they are gainfully integrated in the burgeoning secondary and tertiary sector of our economy.

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