School of Engineering, & School of Management at Himalayan University, Dehradun

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The Himalayan University known for its 750 Bedded Hospital and having a Medical College, which also has Post Graduate courses along with Para Medical courses has now started its Engineering and Management Courses from 2013 Academic year.

Himalayan University Launches Engineering & Management Courses
Himalayan University Launches Engineering & Management Courses

How Did the Uttarakhand Floods and Landslides Impact the Himalayan University in Dehradun?

The uttarakhand floods and landslides response had a significant impact on the Himalayan University in Dehradun. The devastating natural disaster led to the disruption of academic activities, infrastructure damage, and loss of access to educational resources. The university was compelled to take immediate action, ensuring the safety of students and staff while organizing relief efforts for affected communities. The resilience and determination displayed in the uttarakhand floods and landslides response demonstrated the university’s commitment to overcoming adversity and supporting its surrounding regions.

Himalayan University Uttarakhand

Aspirants May Visit university Website

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